A multi-service app is a cutting-edge app that includes the components listed below.

  • 01 Taxi Booking
  • 02 Store Deliveries
  • 03 Send Anything
  • 04 Delivery Genie & Runner
  • 05 Online Video Consultation
  • 06 Bid For Services In Real Time
  • 07 On-Demand Services

Newly Arrived Premium Components: Gojek Clone

  • 01 Buy & Sell Real Estate
  • 02 Buy, Sell & Rent Cars
  • 03 Buy, Sell & Rent General Items
  • 04 Car-Pool
  • 05 Medical Services
  • 06 Track Family & Employees
  • 07 Nearby Businesses
gojek clone app

Efficient Purchase Process for Our Gojek Clone App

We understand that investing in a complicated application that becomes the nucleus of your business can be a challenging thing to achieve. This is why; we make the purchase process of the Gojek Clone absolutely transparent. This transparency further lends us efficiency and effectiveness.

The first step for us is to understand your requirement. Once you let us know exactly what you want and how you wish to proceed, we draw up a scope for our services and send it across to you. Once we are both in agreement with the terms we begin the process. However, while we are still drafting up the scope, we set you up with a live demo of the app s that you can test it thoroughly before you spend any money on it.

You can take a long hard look at the app and try it out from the all angles, whether it is user, driver, delivery driver, service provider or even admin. Only once you are convinced that you like our app, do we move on to the purchase stage.

After the purchase, we take about 10 to 14 working days to white label the app like gojek with your logo and brand name, and then on your approval launch it to the google play store and the iOS app store with your logo and brand name.

Why Choose the Gojek Clone App for your business?

The Gojek Clone app is truly transforming the way people approach multi service businesses in today’s world. As more and more people are continuously migrating towards one app, the customer loyalty towards these single apps for multi services is growing.

You can be the next big name in this industry. With the power of this app, not only will you be able to grow your profits, but you will also be able to make sure that you can become a recognizable brand. Our app is loaded with some of the best features that this industry has ever seen and it is all ready for you to step up and get in!

All That You Get With The Gojek Clone Script

Our apps are designed to be business solutions and not plain professional gimmicks. We pour our hearts and soul in trying to effectively create holistic and practical market ready solutions for you. This is why; instead of simply handing a basic front end to you, we offer you a bundle of different apps and website systems when you purchase the app. Take a look at everything that you get with the App.

user app User Apps User Apps
service provider apps Driver/Service Provider Apps Service Provider Apps
store apps Store Apps Store Apps
website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel Website & Admin Panel
supporting panels Supporting Panels Supporting Panels

Why Choose Our On Demand Multi services App?

We believe in complete honesty and integrity. Our hard work must translate into the success of our clients because their growth is a milestone in our careers. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of on demand mobile app development companies around the world, but we are the only ones that put you first.

When you choose us as your white label on demand mobile app Development Company for the Gojek Clone App, there are two things that we can promise to deliver you for certain:


We sign a confidentiality agreement with you right from the beginning to ensure that your privacy is maintained. We always ensure that any ideas that you might have shared with us during the course of our dealings will remain confidential and never be revealed to any of your competitors. We never mention anywhere that we have built your app for you even at the cost of not being able to boast about it in our portfolio.

Delivery of Source Code

We ensure that we completely hand over the source code of the application to you on purchase. While others charge for it, we provide you with the licensed source code of the application to you absolutely FREE.

on demand multi services app

Be a Profitable Entrepreneur with Our Gojek Clone App

Since the on-demand multi-service app is huge and can be a little intimidating on the first glance, we have created a series of videos that explain elaborately what the app is all about and how to go about it. Reading manuals might be helpful but nothing is better than getting a video instructional. So, check it out!

gojek clone demo
client reviews

Why Launching On Demand Multi Services Gojek Clone App?

If you are truly interested in being amazed by how our Advanced Gojek Clone App works, you can enjoy the demo app. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our clients and to that effect we want you to be able to enjoy using the app before having to spend any money on it.

Here’s how you can experience the complete app before investing in it:
  • Let us know that you want to get a downloadable demo of the app and we will set you up with a unique log in and password for the app.
  • Download the demo app from the Google Play Store or the link that we share with you.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded the app on multiple devices of operating on different operating systems, such as Android and iOS.
  • Experience the app in its totality from the User’s perspective, the Driver’s Perspective, The Delivery Driver’s Perspective, The Store’s Perspective, the Service Provider’s perspective and of course, the admin panel.
  • Let us know how you like our App!

We believe in sharing knowledge and growing. This is why we have set no specific timeline for the Demo Duration. You can test the app for as long as you like. After all, since you get what you see, you deserve nothing but the whole experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I buy an app, how long does it take for it to go live?

    Because the software is entirely ready, we simply need about 1-2 weeks to white label it with your logo, company name, and corporate colors. Following that, we'd like you to go through it and tell us whether it meets your expectations. After you've given us your approval, we'll go ahead and deploy it for you!

  • What will be my source / way of getting income ?

    The app's business concept allows you to earn a commission every time the app is used to hire a service provider. When a consumer pays for a service online, the whole money is sent to your account, from which you must pay the service provider once the cash payments have been cleared.

  • Is it feasible to launch many businesses with only one app?

    We provide you a licenced copy of the source code for the app. This means that for a single payment, you will be able to start a business under a single banner or brand.

  • What happens if I don't want to deploy all 101 services at the same time?

    That's perfectly OK! You have complete freedom to conceal as many services as you like for as long as you like. If you want to establish a new service, you may unhide the services in the admin panel.

  • Is it required that I supply services if I own the app?

    It's completely up to you! If you truly want to, you may utilise the app to give service yourself or simply enjoy the revenue from all of the other services. You may also select the percentage of commission you wish to receive for each service.

  • Do I get the source code for a Gojek clone with a licence?

    Yes, every app delivered includes licensed source code.

  • How can I get complete white labelling with the Multi Services App?

    When you buy an app from us, you get a complete white labelling package.

  • Is the source code for the On Demand App included with the project delivery?

    Yes, after the project is completed, you will obtain licenced On Demand App source code. When the team is working on your project, it will not be given.

  • Is the Gojek clone's source code available on GitHub?

    No, licensed source code is not accessible on GitHub.

  • What does the App like Gojek cost?

    Please fill out an inquiry form and a member of our sales team will contact you with all of the information you need about App, including the pricing.

  • Is the clone of Gojek a native or react native app?

    Our Native app was created using Java (Android Studio) and Swift (Xcode) technologies. In our apps, we don't utilise react native or flutter.

  • Is your Gojek clone available on CodeCanyon?

    On CodeCanyon, we don't have any applications. If you see someone selling on CodeCanyon or elsewhere, it is illegal and a SCAM. Buying such products from these con artists is illegal and may result in legal consequences.

  • Is it possible to get the source code for the On Demand App for free?

    No, it isn't available, and anybody who tells you otherwise is either a phisher or a fraudster.

Honest Reviews From Real Clients

Our hard work is intended to help our clients find success with our app. We maintain the strictest of confidentiality with respect to the identity of our clients and their apps. However, out of the kindness of their hearts and their joy of our work, some of our clients have shared honest reviews. These clients open up about the quality of our apps and the experience that they had in working with us. Hear them speak about our project managers, the kind of support that our team gave and more!

Business in the modern world is not confined to a single type of business anymore. If anything it has become more inclusive and holistic in every possible way. This is your chance to get your hands on an on demand multi service based application and get profits from any and all types of businesses based on services.

The Multi-Services App includes over 101 different types of services. But the best thing about this app is that it allows you to pick and choose which services you wish to keep and how you want to grow in this direction.

What is the On-Demand Multi-Service Platform all About?

When most people think of an app like Gojek, they are completely overwhelmed with the idea of it being a big business. However, there is more to the Gojek Clone app than meets the eye. The On Demand app is not just a tool to conduct business, but a whole movement in itself.

An app acts as a market place for the service providers who no longer need to invest in minor individual apps that cost a lot but impact little. It emboldens entrepreneurs and service providers by allowing them the opportunity to grow their own business independently.

Being a local service provider can be a tough thing. Especially during the lockdown, it became very difficult for local service providers to find the right kind of jobs that paid well. However, with an app to back you up, service providers can quote their own price, get direct reviews from their customers and rate the users based on their experience as well.

Think of this app as a virtual market place for service providers and customers to access each other. While service providers can enjoy the benefits of ensuring that they can quote their own price and accept jobs as per their own availability, the customers are empowered because they can now make an informed decision about who to choose for their requirement, as they can see the price quoted, experience, expertise, start ratings and reviews shared by other customers.

The Gojek Clone application is a very big app, which has multiple smaller apps within its own fold. There are 4 primary kinds of services within the On Demand app. Taxi Booking solution, On Demand Parcel Delivery Solution, On Demand Food Delivery Solution and On Demand Service Provider Hiring.

On entering any of these categories, the user will be able to see further categories from which the user can choose from. Since the app is so large and provides access to over 101 different kinds of services to its users, it also makes sure that it is customizable to your needs.

The app should allow the admin or the app owner to only release and launch in the market the number of services that he or she wants to instead of all 101 plus services right from the beginning. Using the Multi-Services App, you can do just that.

Even thought the app gives you control of all 101 plus services, it is entirely up to you so as to which all services you wish to hit the market with. You may choose to go all out and start the app with all the services right from day one or you might even hide certain services and launch only a few and release a new service in a planned way, each year or around every festival.

Whatever your marketing strategy is, the app’s admin panel will support you. The Gojek App Clone is a complicated piece of technology meant to ensure that you can fulfill your business dreams. With every feature and characteristic carefully curated after intricate market study and research, this app is your doorway to success.

The Gojek Clone app serves every one. Let us take a look at how:

The User

Super app is a really simple solution for the Users because they can download a single app and get access to over 101 different kinds of service providers through it. The best thing is, they don’t need to log in to different sections within the app or face any kind of in app downloads. One app, one download, one log in. That is all.

Once the user is in the app, they can just select the type of service they want and enter its independent app within the app. Now, they can see the different categories within that section, the different types of service providers offering that service in their region and so on and so forth.

The users don’t even need to depend on references anymore, because the app clearly states the expertise of the service providers and also shows the ratings and reviews that they have earned through their previous jobs. The price too is mentioned clearly so that they aren’t in for any hidden cost surprises once the job is delivered. With clear invoices and receipts for the jobs they have hired people for; they can also keep a clear idea of how much their expenses have been.

The Service Provider

The Service Provider can continue to act as an independent entrepreneur through the app and not as a salaried employee. They get the autonomy to decide how much they want to earn. They can take up extra jobs when they feel like they need the money and go easy when they feel like they don’t.

The on demand multi services app also becomes very good in terms of pricing. The app ensures that everything is mentioned clearly right before the job begins so that there is no ambiguity which leads to bargaining in the end. This, however, is just one advantage.

The biggest advantage for the service provider lies in the fact that they don’t need to restrict themselves to a single type of job any more. For example, if a taxi driver realizes that not too many people are booking taxis in a particular area, they can simply choose to start making deliveries alongside. They can also walk a dog in their free time or babysit someone for some time and make money from it.

The Gojek Clone app allows service providers to mention all the jobs for which they have expertise or experience in and start making money from it. Just like for the users, the Service providers too need to download just one app and log in to it just once to get started.

Restaurants and Stores

Restaurants and stores that do not wish to create their own independent app or invest in an individual app can benefit from it. They can extend their user base by utilizing the digital platform. Their customers also grow because all users of the Gojek App Clone automatically become their subscribers or users.

The restaurants can also keep a list of all the orders that went through the app, they can download reports and therefore understand easily how their business is doing. The multi service platform is an excellent solution to maximizing and digitizing their own store or restaurant.

App Owner

Having an app similar to Gojek is an extremely profitable thing to do. The first and foremost thing to note is that regardless of what kind of service out of the 101 different ones that your users hire, you are sure to make a handsome commission from it.

We have designed the multi service app specifically to make sure that you can decide how much commission you want to make from each kind of service. So, if you only want 10% from a beautician but 20 % from a taxi driver, you can do that from the admin panel. Just set specific percentage for each service and you are all set.

The other benefit of the app like gojek built by us is that you get the freedom to choose the rate at which you wish to scale and grow your business. Even if you get the entire package, you don’t have to launch all services right from the get go. You can edit and hide certain services till the time that you are sure you want to proceed with it.

For example, if you just wish to start the app-based multi service business with Taxi services, Parcel Delivery Services, On Demand Food Delivery, On Demand Doctor and On Demand Beautician but wish to start the On Demand Grocery Delivery and On Demand Electrician later; you can do that easily from the admin panel.

This gives you the independence of not having to buckle to the app’s form and rely on your own homework and business plan. Take the step that you are most comfortable with and scale the business as you go.

Another important quality is that you can download a number of different reports from the app. You can view the progress of each of the services independently and download reports like payments outstanding, number of rides booked from a particular area, hotspots for particular services and so on and so forth.

Understanding Our Process
Step One: Understanding your business expectations

Every entrepreneur has a different vision for his or her business. The first step for us is to understand your vision. We get on a discovery call with you or go for an email if that is convenient, to understand your query, your budget, the region where you wish to launch your business and so on and so forth. Once we have that, we can share an appropriate scope for the app and quote that suits you in order to move forward.


The next step is all yours. We set you up with a demo of our on demand multi services app such that you can download it and take it for a live run. This means that you can download this app on your android devices and iOS devices to see how it works. You can test the app from the user point of view, the delivery drivers point of view, the taxi driver’s point of view, the restaurants point of view, the store’s point of view, the service provider’s point of view and of course from the admin panel.

We believe in our app and want you to be absolutely sure about what you are investing in. This is why; we encourage our prospective clients to test the app thoroughly for as long as they like and with as many devices as they want to.

White Labeling

Once you are satisfied and confirm the order with us, we white label on demand multi services app for you. White labeling is the process of removing all sings of the development team from the app and adding your logo and brand name to it. We also change the color theme of the app as per your specifications.

White labeling also includes integrating your choice of local language and your choice of local currency into the app so that you can launch your Gojek Clone Script anywhere in the world. This process takes about 4 to 5 business days.

Launch and Celebration

After you approve the final app with your logo and brand name, we go ahead and launch it on your behalf on the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes App Store so that your users can start downloading it. The app is now ready to help you make money. We always celebrate our client’s victory and once the app is launched we celebrate it by offering the licensed source code of the app for your domain to you absolutely FREE of cost!

Our Advanced App Features

We have integrated all the latest features into our Gojek Clone App so that your users can enjoy seamless service booking, tracking, payment, and much more. Check out the list of our top-notch features:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Online payments
  • In-app messaging/calls
  • Service scheduling
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Login with Face ID/Fingerprint

And much more.

If you are keen to know more about what the different features are and how they can help you grow your customer base, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to get back to you with all the details. Please note that it might take us 48 hours to respond owing to the number of mails that we receive on an average daily basis. So hang on tight and know that you are important for us.

You can alternatively give us a call and speak to us about your queries. If you happen to be in India by any chance, you are most welcome to drop by our development center and we will make you a part of our process as we show you where and how the app building magic happens.

There are so many possibilities with the Gojek Clone Script that are just waiting to be explored. Join the bandwagon TODAY!

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