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What is an Taxi Plus Delivery Clone App?

Taxi Plus Delivery Clone App is an Advanced Platform that allows your Users to Book Taxi Rides and Send Parcels locally. This App works in Real Time and allows your Users to Book Taxi Rides from One Location to Another within the City and even Choose their Preferred Taxi Type. In this Service, your Users will be able select Basic, Normal, or Luxurious Taxi Type based on the Number Of Passengers, Fare, and Distance.

This App also allows Users to Send Parcels of all Sizes to Local Addresses. Your Users will be able to select the Cargo Vehicle Type of their Choice based on the Size, Quantity, and Weight of the Parcel they want to send. With Single-installation, Your Users will be able to Book these Two Services and also take Advantage of Multiple Robust Features like Location Tracking, Online Payments via Credit Cards, Scheduling Bookings, and much more!

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Our Most Advanced Taxi Plus Delivery Clone App is HERE!

Our Feature-Rich and Well-Optimized Taxi Plus Delivery Clone App is a 2-in-1 Combination of Taxi Booking and Parcel Delivery Services.

Dear Entrepreneur, with this Futuristic App, your Users will be able to Book Taxi Rides at the Best Fare. This Advanced App will also allow your users to Send Parcels from one location to another! Your users will be able to send everything from a laptop, documents, and even a truckload of cement bags from One Pick-Up Location to Multiple Delivery Points.

Get taxi plus delivery like App White Labeled in just 1 - 2 weeks! Go live and start making Huge Profits with this App. Grab this Opportunity and Invest in an App that will Increase your Profit-Earning with every Single Taxi Ride and Parcel Delivery Booked through the App.

Benefits of Launching Our Yandex Go Clone!

This Smart and Advanced App will Double your Profits!

Our Yandex Go Clone App combines Two Highly Demanded Services - Taxi Ride Booking and Parcel Delivery. With this App, everyone associated with your Business - the Users, Drivers, and You as the App Owner will be at advantage. How?

Your Users will no longer need to install 2 eparate Apps for Taxi Booking & Parcel Delivery and unnecessarily clog up their phone’s storage. Only a Single-Time Registration is enough to access these Services. Easy Payments, Live Tracking, Single Login, etc., are simply the added cherries on top.

Your Drivers will be able to make Extra Money in their spare time. For example, a Taxi Driver will get to Deliver Parcels in their spare time and earn Extra Money.

You, as the App Owner, will earn Huge Profits Easily and Quickly because you’re covering Two Services, i.e, Parcel Delivery and Taxi Booking on a Single App!

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on demand grocery delivery app

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : Is taxi plus delivery clone available on GitHub?

    A : No, our taxi plus delivery clone is not FREE and is not available on GitHub. When you purchase taxi plus delivery clone from us, you will get a licensed source code copy from us along with the installation on your hosting server and stores.

  • Q : Which is better business option; uber clone, grab clone or taxi plus delivery clone?

    A : Uber Clone provides only taxi booking services while taxi plus delivery clone provides taxi booking and parcel delivery services through one single app. Grab clone provides taxi services, parcel delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, alcohol delivery etc through single app. It depends on your business idea and plan what type of busines you want to setup. As per your planning and business goal you can order any of these apps. All these apps are available with us.

  • Q : Are our uber clone, taxi plus delivery clone app, grab clone, gojek clone or any other clone app angular based apps ?

    A : No, our apsp are 100% native apps created using Java & Swift latest technologies and development standards. Our native apps are much more faster and robust than any other angular based apps.

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