How App like GoPuff Works?

With our high-quality On-Demand (Store-based) Delivery App Services, you can expand your business's reach, allow your users to order their daily essentials like Food, Grocery, Pharmacy, Water-bottle, Flowers, Wine-alcohol and more, enjoying a stress-free shopping experience, and thrive.

The fundamental goal of every app's development is to provide complete ease to its users. As a result, we've added some foolproof features to the app to make it more practicable and manageable.

Customers can quickly register using their phone number or email address, or log in using their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media credentials.

GoPuff Clone App Latest Features

  • Driver’s Fraud

    Restricted Driver’s Fraud

    Unless the driver is within X meters/feet of the Pickup Location, the feature prevents the driver from reporting the status as "Arrived." As a result, the entire delivery process is clear, and the prices are competitive.

  • Re-assign the Deliveries

    Re-assign the Deliveries

    Assigned delivery drivers may be reassigned to fulfill pending orders when there is no availability for delivery drivers in the area, the driver has rejected the order, or unforeseen reasons prevent delivery.

  • Menu Multiple Options

    Restaurant Menu Multiple Options

    Allows the restaurant owners to customize their menu items by adding different toppings/options. The user based on the multiple options can choose to customize the dish accordingly.

  • Store-wise Commission

    Store-wise Commission

    Rates vary depending on the product. That is something we are aware of. We've created a unique segregated commission function to ensure that you don't have to lose money in order to promote one product. This feature allows you to select a different commission percentage for each store.

  • Store Operations

    Day-wise Store Operations

    Different cultures and holidays are observed in different regions. The app now has the option to keep specified days for store operations, independent of the other store's operation days, so that one store does not have to suffer for the sake of another due to a day's discrepancy.

  • Promo Code

    Free Delivery Promo Code

    The App owner will choose a Promo Code that offers "Free Delivery" from a list of alternatives for a specific store or all stores. Customers can use the code to get free shipping on their goods. The feature can be turned on or off as needed.

  • Location-wise Banners

    Location-wise Banners

    When the Admin wants to target a specific location and people, he can set the Home Page Banner location-wise. The feature acts as a marketing tool offering numerous possibilities to multiple the profits.

  • Location-wise Promo Codes

    Location-wise Promo Codes

    The app's owner geo fences a specific area or neighbourhood and then creates exclusive promo codes for the people who live there. And no one else from a different neighborhood can use the same Promo Code as you.

  • Item Name Search

    Item Name Search

    The app feature offers rapid and easy searching. The consumer can just type in the name of the menu item they're looking for to find it. The rest is up to our search bot!

  • Cookie Consent

    Cookie Consent

    The feature informs users about the use of "Cookies" on your websites, as required by the GDPR and the EU Cookie Directive. When not in use, it can be disabled from the backend.

  • Voice Note

    Voice Note Instructions

    Customers can now leave an audio message to inform the delivery driver of their location and provide additional instructions for the order's delivery.

  • Graphical Status

    Graphical Status Of Orders

    A graphical representation of the order status keeps your consumers informed about where their order is at all times. The steps of placing an order, getting it verified, getting it in the kitchen, getting it on the move, and getting it delivered will all be depicted.

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Process Of Developing GoPuff Clone App

The success of a smooth transaction lies in the transparency of the process. Let us take a look at our process, from discovery to delivery.
  • free demo

    We urge every one of our clients to take the free demo of the application to see the very thing we are advertising.

  • Contract

    In the event that you like the application, we feel free to sign an agreement with you with the terms of conveyance, item particulars and non revelation understanding.

  • White Labeling approval

    When we have white marked the GoPuff Clone Script according to your determinations, you give us your endorsement. On the off chance that at this stage, you really want a few changes, we'll be glad to oblige.

  • Launch

    We feel free to send off the application for you on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The obligation of getting your application sent off across these stages rests totally with us.

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