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The advent of on-demand apps has changed the way businesses are conducted. A shining example of this phenomenon is the on-demand food and grocery delivery industry. Making customers' lives easier has grown to be a crucial prerequisite for any business to ensure its success as their expectations for convenience and simplicity of use are rising.

Our team is adept at developing food and grocery delivery app solutions that are meant to simplify your company's operations, raise productivity, offer a wealth of business prospects, and ultimately increase revenues Equipped with cutting-edge app technologies at the forefront, Deliveroo Clone App has got all those elements to take your business to the next levels.

Take advantage by buying Deliveroo Clone Source Code and reign in the On-demand Marketplace.

Deliveroo Clone - Latest Food & Grocery Delivery App Features

  • Contactless Deliveries

    Contact-less deliveries

    Since the outbreak, people have been compelled to keep their distance from one another and avoid eye contact. Our apps have a Contact-less Delivery Feature that enables the delivery person to leave packages at the user's door without making eye contact with them in order to support this.

  • take away

    Take away

    Users of your app might prefer to pick up their orders independently from stores or eateries. The function can be used by activating the "Take Away" mode in the app. The orders will be ready for pickup at the appointed time thanks to this feature. Orders are picked up by customers at the scheduled time.

  • safety first

    Safety first

    The function enables the app's creators to award "Safety Badges" to businesses like restaurants and retail establishments that observe social distance and acceptable hygiene. Users will be able to recognise retailers and restaurants that are following safety procedures thanks to the safety badge tag, which will help them make an educated choice.

  • Graphical status of delivery

    Graphical status/ real-time tracking

    To ensure that your consumers are always informed of the progress of their orders, a graphical depiction reveals the order's exact status. All of the order placement, confirmation, preparation, transportation, and delivery procedures will be shown. The feature makes it easier for drivers and riders to find each other as well as for consumers to know where their deliveries are.

  • Voice notes for delivery driver

    Voice guided instructions for delivery driver

    Now, consumers have the option to leave a voicemail for the delivery driver with their location and other important delivery-related instructions. Thus, making it easy for the drivers to delivery hassle-free.

  • Location-wise push-notifications

    Location-wise Push-notifications/Promo codes /Ad Banners

    By geo-fencing the location, the Admin can send push-notifications, promo-codes, and banners to the targeted users. This ensures fast and effective results. These treats can only be reviewed and used by users of that particular location which has been geo-fenced.

  • Restricted driver’s fraud

    Restricted driver’s fraud

    Unless the driver is X metres or feet away from the store's or restaurant's pickup location, the feature stops the driver from recording the status as "Arrived." providing total transparency in the entire delivery procedure as well as reasonable prices.

  • Store-wise commission

    Store-wise commission

    With the help of this function, you may define a unique commission percentage for each restaurant or store. As a result, it is possible to make more money by charging more commission to the eateries and retail establishments that experience higher demand.

Deliveroo Clone App Development Step by Step Process

  • free demo

    You can use the Demo App for FREE as long as you like to make sure it is "THE ONE."

  • Contract

    Clients are welcome to discuss their specific requests with us, and we will respond with information on whether or not it is feasible. The experience will be sophisticated and complex, similar to ordering through an app.

  • White Labeling approval

    In addition to publishing a scope manifesto that explains the specifics of the apps, we sign into a non-disclosure agreement with the clients to preserve their privacy.

  • Launch

    We rebrand the application with your business name, logo, and colours before launching it on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Get A Detailed Overview Of The App Through Our Videos

Our team came up with the brilliant idea, offering video tutorials. Since reading takes time and is tiresome, these explanatory videos might give you a better understanding of how the Deliveroo Clone App runs.

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