White Label On Demand Delivery App

With over a decade of experience in app development, OnDemandClone can provide you with a wide choice of White-label Deliverall App Development Solutions that will help you take your delivery business to the next level. This is the appropriate opportunity that you should not miss, with an intuitive UI, attractive front end design, and highly functional back end features.

Our On-Demand Deliver App Development Script is designed to boost your company's productivity, streamline processes, and reinvigorate the way you do business.

TAW9EEL Clone App ensures that you will become a market leader in the shortest amount of time.

Top Features Of Taw9eel Clone App

  • Restricted driver’s fraud

    The feature prevents any fraud from happening. The drivers are not allowed to show “arrived” unless they actually arrived at the location. This prevails a transparent within the system that boosts your customer base.

  • Re-assign delivery driver for orders

    The Admin re-assign the delivery to the next delivery driver when there is no drivers available, delivery driver confirmed but unable to deliver, or the driver has canceled the order request

  • Free delivery promo-codes

    The Admin releases a collection of "Free Delivery" promo codes for All/Specific retailers. The function aids in the expansion of the consumer base as well as everyday important sales.

  • Location-wise banners

    The functionality allows the administrator to geo-fence the place in order to target the appropriate audience. As a result, the promotions/offers will only be shown to certain users.

  • Location-wise push-notifications

    It allows Admin to send notifications and alerts to only selected areas. This makes it simple to reach the desired audience.

  • Store closed days

    The feature allows you to make changes if you have alternative closure days, public holidays, as well as weekends within the app for the convenience of your consumers.

  • Store-wise commission

    From the admin panel, you can now select a separate commission percentage for each store. You can also edit and adjust this value at any moment.

  • Voice notes for delivery driver

    It allows your people to submit voice notes to the delivery drivers, assisting them in delivering according to the directions.

  • Location-wise promo codes

    Admins can design various Promo-codes that can be geo-tag the location for targeting your customers.

  • Graphical status of delivery

    The app will display a graphical representation of the exact status of product delivery, including processes like Order placed, Order confirmed, Order ready, Order picked up, Order on the way, and Order delivered.

  • >Cancel job option

    If a delivery driver is assigned to a job but is unable to deliver the items for whatever reason, the job might be cancelled and handed on to the next available driver.

  • Search by name

    Users can use the functionality as a "filter," searching for specific items by entering into the box. As a result, they will have an easier time finding the products.

Our Taw9eel Clone App App Development Process

  • free demo

    We strive to create just the best in order to attract a large consumer base. Take a Live Demo to better understand how the various features and functionalities work.

  • Contract

    If you like the app, we'll make an agreement with you that contains delivery terms, product specifications, and a non-disclosure provision.

  • White Labeling approval

    When we white label the deliverall app to meet your demands, you give us your consent. We will happy make any improvements you require at this time.

  • Launch

    We'll publish the app on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for you right now. We are exclusively responsible for bringing your software to these platforms and keeping it working.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which technology has been used to design the interface of the Taw9eel Clone app?

    Our on-demand apps are designed on Figma. We have tried to integrate all the trendy designs, ensuring your app is aesthetic and eye-catching.

  • Does the Taw9eel Clone app have multiple payment options?

    Yes. Our Taw9eel Clone accepts cash, in-app wallets, and credit/debit cards. Each option can also be set as a preference by the users for more efficient, hassle-free payments.

  • Is there a specific app for stores in the Taw9eel Clone app package?

    Yes, besides the apps for users and delivery drivers, our Taw9eel Clone app package comes with a special app for store onboarding on the platform. The store app has several advanced features, such as managing business hours, keeping track of orders, and handling other business management activities!

  • Will I get ownership of the Taw9eel Clone source code?

    Yes, you will get full ownership of the source code of the Taw9eel Clone package. Once we have launched the app and completed all the formalities, we will zip and send you the source code at no additional cost.

  • How quickly can I launch my food delivery business using the Taw9eel Clone App?

    The Taw9eel Clone will be tested and launched on the App Stores and servers as soon as you provide us with details of your business name, logo, and other branding specifications. The overall customization takes around 1-2 weeks to complete.

  • What are some of the most unique features available in iOS and Android apps?

    In our Taw9eel Clone iOS and Android apps, you will find the following unique features:

    Free delivery promo-codes Location-wise banners Voice notes for delivery drivers Graphical status of delivery Smart search option

    For more information on our app features, get our demo app, or simply get in touch with us.

  • How do I get in touch with you for more information?

    You can send us an email at [email protected], and we will respond to you within the next working day.

Taw9eel Clone App: Wide Range of On Demand Delivery Apps

  • food delivery
  • grocery delivery
  • pharmacy delivery
  • wine delivery
    Wine - Alcohol
  • flower delivery
  • bottled water delivery
  • Construction Material delivery
    Construction Material
  • More Categories

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