Careem Clone script

What Is a Careem Clone?

Careem Clone is an All-in-one App that allows your Users to Book Multiple Services. Your users can enjoy Taxi Booking, Video Consultation, Service Bidding, Grocery Delivery, Medical Services, and other 101+ services Anytime and Anywhere.

This Multi-service app is the best thing your users will ever come across, as it offers them the convenience of Doorstep Delivery of Daily Essentials, Taxi Rides, Buying, Selling, Renting Properties, and much more.

Using Careem Clone, your Users will enjoy the ease of Booking Multiple Services in One Place while you, as the App owner, make easy Commissions on Every Service Booked on the App!

So, if you want to Launch a Careem-like Business in just 1 to 2 Weeks, consider your Dream coming true with our Pre-built Solution.

Benefits of Our Powerful Careem Clone App

Reach new heights with our Careem-like app’s User-friendly Interface, Unique Features, and Glitch-free Functions that enable you to quickly establish your business and enjoy countless benefits.

With this one-time purchase, you can begin leveraging tons of Golden Opportunities right away.

  • The app is unique, flexible, and 100% customizable as per your business needs
  • Quickly establishes your company's brand
  • Your business activities are streamlined and automated
  • More consumers using your app
  • Create loyal customer base
  • Increased revenue generation

Why Opt for Careem Clone App in Saudi Arabia and UAE?

Growth-enhancing Services Enabling Businesses To Outspace Their Competitors

  • 01 Taxi Booking
  • 02 Store Deliveries
  • 03 Send Anything
  • 04 Delivery Genie & Runner
  • 05 Video Consultation
  • 06 Bid for Services
  • 07 On-Demand Services

7 New Components of Careem Clone App

  • 01 Buy, Sell & Rent Real Estate
  • 02 Buy & Sell Cars
  • 03 Buy, Sell & Rent General Items
  • 04 Car Pool
  • 05 Medical Services
  • 06 Track Family & Employees
  • 07 Nearby Business

What We Offer with Careem Clone Script

Wondering what you’ll get with the purchase of our Careem Clone Script? Explore everything we offer with our script to make your on-demand multi-service business soar and flourish.

The White-Label Grab Clone Script Includes:

user app User Apps
user app
Driver apps Driver Apps
Driver apps
store apps Store Apps
store apps
website & admin panel Website & Admin Panel
website & admin panel
supporting panels Supporting Panels
supporting panels

Advanced Features of the Careem Clone App

With our Careem Clone, your users can book multiple services on demand. With multiple services, your users also get the convenience of online payments, video calls, in-app chatting, live tracking services, and much more with a single download.

Discover all the latest features you get in our all-in-one app.

Glimpse of Careem Clone Application

Take a closer look at the Individual Screens of our Careem-like App.

User App
Service Provider App
Store App
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles

How to Build an App like Careem?

We created a series of videos to explain everything you need to know about Careem Clone. Videos are much more useful than manuals. Check them out now!

Careem Clone demo

How Our Careem Clone App Works?

Try our Advanced Careem Clone App Demo for Free to see how the app works before you place the order.

Follow the step-by-step guide for a better understanding:
  • Download the demo app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or use the provided link.
  • To check that the app works on different OS, download the demo app on different Android and iOS devices.
  • View the app from Your user's perspective, the Driver's perspective, the Delivery Driver's perspective, the Store's perspective, the Service Provider's perspective, and, of course, the Admin Panel's perspective.
  • Once you've viewed the app Demo and think it suits your business needs, go ahead and place the order with us.
  • We'll assign you a professional project manager to oversee the full app development process from beginning to end.
  • The team will start developing your app by integrating your logo, brand name, preferred language, and currency.
  • To check if everything’s done properly, we will provide you with a working demo of your app that includes your text, graphics, content, brand, and other information.
  • Once you approve them, we'll go ahead and publish them on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • You can use the demo app for as long as you want to check if it meets your needs or not.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

Hear from our real clients and learn how our on-demand apps like Careem have helped them fulfill their business dreams. The video testimonials are from clients who have seen their businesses develop dramatically.

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