Similar To Shipt - Get The Glimpse Of A Robust Grocery Delivery App Model

OnDemandClone has created an exclusive Shipt App Clone with excellent coding standards that allows individuals to have food delivered straight to their homes, replacing the antiquated supermarket purchase manners.

Customers may rest easy knowing that their transaction data is safe from hackers thanks to the integration of secure payment gateways. Customers can scroll the screen with their fingers to view products, add selected products to baskets, schedule delivery, and make payments. The whole list of nearby grocery stores can be accessed simply by entering the ZIP code. It is coded with rich Shipt clone source code and embedded with intuitive and simple features.

Post Pandemic Scale Up Your Grocery Delivery Business With COVID19 Safety Features

Shipt App Clone now includes a contactless delivery option, after which things will be validated with a photograph, protecting both your customers and your couriers. Drivers are also ordered to knock on the consumer's door and leave the things there. Avoiding physical contact to keep it secure.

  • Contact-less deliveries
    Contact-less deliveries

    This function saves the consumer from having to deal directly with the delivery person. Place the ordered item on the customer's doorstep and take a photo of it to notify him that it has arrived.

  • take away
    Take Away

    If a consumer prefers not to have their order handled by a third party, they can choose the Take Away option, which allows them to make an order and then just pick it up from the restaurant/store when it is ready.

  • safety first
    Safety First

    During this time, the government has taken precautions to prevent the disease from spreading. Customers can look at the store's safety badge to discover if the store they're purchasing from has taken all essential safeguards.

Top Features Of Shipt Clone App

  • Restricted driver’s fraud

    Unless the driver is within X meters/feet of the Pickup Location, the feature prevents the driver from recording the status as "Arrived." As a result, the entire delivery process is clear, and the prices are competitive.

  • Re-assign delivery driver for orders

    When there are no available delivery drivers in the region, the driver has rejected the order, or delivery is hampered by unforeseen circumstances, designated delivery drivers may be transferred to complete pending orders.

  • Free delivery promo-codes

    Customers can use the "Free Delivery" Promo Code from the App's owner's list for specific/all merchants. This option can be turned on or off.

  • Location-wise banners

    This feature allows the Admin to build the Home Page Banner "based on location," so that only those who are specifically targeted can see it.

  • Location-wise push-notifications

    It allows the administrator to send notifications and alerts to only certain areas. This makes communicating with the desired audience very simple.

  • Store closed days

    You may also set alternative closing days and times for certain establishments within the app for the comfort of your consumers.

  • Store-wise commission

    Admins can now select a different commission percentage for each store and change it at any moment.

  • Voice notes for delivery driver

    Customers can now leave audio notes for delivery drivers, which include delivery instructions such as location and other information.

  • Location-wise promo codes

    Admins can create a variety of Promo Codes that can be targeted to specific locations.

  • Graphical status of delivery

    It provides your users with a real-time graphical representation of the order status.

  • >Cancel job option

    If a delivery driver is unable to finish a delivery, the order will be cancelled and given to the next available driver.

  • Search by name

    Customers can now search for items simply by typing the item's name into the query field, making it easier to find what they need.

Step-by-Step Process Of Shipt Clone App Development

  • free demo

    If you like our On-demand Grocery App Live Demo, we move further with the agreement process. This will include the delivery terms of the app, as well as non-disclosure provision.

  • Contract

    If you like our app, we'll sign an agreement with you that contains delivery terms, product specifications, and a non-disclosure clause.

  • White Labeling approval

    When we white label the Instacart Clone Script to meet your demands, you grant us your consent. We will happy make any improvements you require at this time.

  • Launch

    We'll post the app on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for you right now. We are exclusively responsible for bringing your software to these platforms and keeping it working.

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