While there are hundreds of companies out there building their own versions of the Postmates app clone, ours is the only one that puts thought and meticulous care towards ensuring that you get an app based solution that is flexible and profitable by involving all the features that make a business successful.

The app has been carefully crafted by some of the leading developers in the world to make sure that the flow of the app and the navigation is as simple as possible while the operation and functionality caters to its complex role. We have loaded the app with some of the top features in the industry for absolutely FREE! While our competitors are busy charging a full fee for every additional feature, we have introduced a Postmates Clone app that works flawlessly owing to its own cache of features that need no additional payment.


Why should you have to spend money on features that you don’t need? We understand that your business requirements are very unique and therefore we have built different packages to suit your business goals. Just identify the features most important for your business and pick the package that has them all.

No more haggling for a few features or trying to reduce the cost of the app by eliminating important ones. Just check the stuff that works for you and go for it! After all, our success is directly proportionate to yours!


Checking the app thoroughly before having to spend on it makes purchasing an app from us a wise decision. All you need to do is to speak to us so that we can set you up with a demo account. You can then download the demo app on multiple devices, both Android and iOS and test it to your heart’s content.

Check out the app from the user’s perspective, the restaurant or grocery store’s perspective and the delivery driver’s perspective to make sure that you know exactly what your app’s users are all going to experience before spending a single buck on it.

Analyze amazing features & flow of Postmates Clone - Food Delivery App

Postmates Clone Food Delivery App Features & App Flow

Postmates Clone App Features Postmates Clone App Flow


Unlike typical on demand delivery apps, the Postmates clone is a powerhouse of delivery service. It not only facilitates parcel delivery from one place to another but also empowers your users to shop for food or groceries online and get them delivered to their doorsteps. This is your opportunity to skyrocket your business to the realms of success! Try NOW!

Postmates Clone App – Unique Features

User Restaurant Panel Admin
Quick registration/login Restaurant profile Customer management
Browse restaurants Availability toggle Restaurant management
Add items to the cart Order management Delivery drivers/fleet management
Make online payment Real-time order tracking Payments
Real-time order tracking Payment management Real-time tracking

Unique AddOns For Postmates Clone App

  • White-labeling We only offer white-label app solutions with custom features, enhancements. and integrations.
  • Multi-currency The Postmates Clone app can be deployed in any other currency other than standard USD. Making it easy to launch anywhere globally.
  • Multi-language Now it is easy to scale up your business, expanding globally with a multi-lingual feature. Cater to your global users and service providers with a customized user-interface as per the language of your choice.
  • Complete customization This is readymade, a tested app built on scalable licensed source code allowing you to customize the features as per your business requirements.
  • Ready to Launch App Solutions Why wait for 4-5 months to launch your app business where you can do that in just a week’s time. Postmates Clone Script can assist you in launching your on-demand food ordering and delivery business.
  • Less Time and Affordable pricing If you wish to launch your food ordering and delivery business ASAP, Postmates Clone App is the one to cater to your business demands without breaking your bank. You can launch your On-demand Food Delivery Business in just 5 days.

Client Testimonials

We are known to deliver a high-quality on-demand app to our clients globally. For years, our clients have been doing business with us and that’s the reason why we are Number 1 when it comes to developing the latest technology mobile app. Read for yourself their testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to expand and grow your FOOD Ordering and Delivery Business regardless of COVID19, boosting your profits then yes building an Postmates Clone App can help in meeting your customer's demands.

Our on-demand Postmates Clone App is a readymade, tested script. We understand that your time is crucial thus, we adhere to the deadlines as mentioned in the agreements. Ideally, it takes less than a week to get your app installed and running from the App Store/ Play Stores.

You will get full ownership of the licensed source code for your Apps.

Yes, we do provide post-development support for the stipulated time mentioned in the agreement.

Write to us, or call for the live demo of the Postmates Clone App.

It depends on what kind of features, app platform, and technology you wish to build your app the development cost will vary. Our app development team will suggest you with the best solutions where you don’t have to stretch your bank balance.

Explain your requirement and details regarding the Postmates Clone App to our business representative. Once you are convinced by checking the live demo and gives us the confirmation we start working on your app.

Yes, we do. We are industry leaders when it comes to developing on-demand apps. Connect with our business representative and share your concept for further discussion.