What is Postmates Clone?

It is a smart application that offers a one-stop delivery solution to its users. The platform works on a similar on-demand model to Postmates, the San Francisco-born app that seamlessly connects users to nearby stores. With just a few clicks on their smartphone, users can easily browse items available at the selected store, add them to the cart, place orders, or opt for takeaway.

The Postmates Clone application integrates advanced features to allow users to track their orders in real time, receive instant order status via push notifications, set up their preferred payment method, and so on. So, if you are planning to become the next giant in the on-demand delivery services industry, launch an app like Postmates!

Watch Postmates Clone Working Demo

See our all-in-one store delivery app in action in real-time! Watch the compelete video of our demo application to witness its advanced feautres, worflow, and robust interface design.

delivery app solution

How does our order delivery app work?

Generating an income has never been so easy! With the new Postmates clone app, you will now be providing a digital opportunity to stores all around your region to make their food/ products more accessible to the customers. With this new visibility, they are sure to rake in the moolah!

What’s more, this app will also become the perfect platform to empower delivery personnel to earn money. With simple deliveries, each delivery driver can earn trip fees without having to worry about anything else!

This convenience of being able to purchase what they like, when they like and get it delivered right to their doorstep is a sure success with the customers. The best part is that each time someone uses your app to buy anything at all; you stand to make a handsome commission. And guess what? You are the one in charge and therefore, you will be deciding how much commission you want to make per product, per store, per delivery!

Latest Features of Postmates Clone App

Screen Flow Visuals of our All-in-One Store Delivery App

Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Grocery Store Apps

Store-based Delivery Services That You Can Offer with Our App

  • Food Food
  • Grocery Grocery
  • Pharmacy Pharmacy
  • Wine Wine
  • Flower Flower
  • Bottled Water Bottled Water
  • Stationery Stationery
  • Construction Construction
  • Supermarket Supermarket

Process Of Developing Postmates Clone App

The success of a smooth transaction lies in the transparency of the process. Let us take a look at our process, from discovery to delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

An app as complex as the multi-delivery app, takes anywhere between 1 to 2 years to be developed completely. However, you don’t have to worry about it. Since we have already done the hard work and built the app for you, it is in ready condition. We will only take about 7 to 9 business days to white label it with your brand name and logo and launch it for you on the Google Play Store and the iOS App store.

Why, of course you can scale this business to your liking! The app that our team has built is completely scalable. You can expand your business across regions, countries, increase the product profile, add number of stores, remove stores, add new categories to it and so on and so forth! The app will scale just as you please.

Yes, you will get support, absolutely! We are nothing if not committed and dedicated to our clients. Once the purchase of the app is concluded we will stick to you like a shadow till the app is launched and you are ready for business. In case you need any support after that, we are always there for you. All you need to do is write us a line or give us a tingle!

Sure, you can have two independent apps if that is what you wish for. While the Postmates Clone app is an amalgam of different types of store based deliveries, if you wish to simply have a single type of delivery business, we can set you up with that app as well. All the delivery options mentioned within the Postmates Clone umbrella are available individually as well.

Wide Range of on-demand delivery apps

If you truly wish to make your mark in the market of deliveries, then this is the only application in this domain that you need! This single app has the potential of empowering your customers to buy whatever they want just with a single download and log in.

No more tedious downloads cramming up your device, no more tiresome forms that need to be filled to register into an app. A simple download and a log in through Facebook, Gmail or other social media handles with get your customers sailing! Take a look at everything you can make money from and everything that your customers can access from this single Master of Delivery app: The Postmates Clone App.

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