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Postmates Clone

Start Your Own All In One Delivery Business With The Postmates Clone App!

Grow your delivery business like never before with the help of our Postmates Clone app. Built by some of the finest engineers, app developers and designers in the world, this app is a robust, scalable and cost effective solution to begin your business in the on demand delivery industry. This single app has the potential to provide your customers with access to services such as On Demand Parcel Delivery Service, On Demand Food Delivery Service, On Demand Grocery Delivery Service and the Delivery Genie!

What Makes Our Postmates Clone Exclusive?

While there are hundreds of companies out there building their own versions of the Postmates app clone, ours is the only one that puts thought and meticulous care towards ensuring that you get an app based solution that is flexible and profitable by involving all the features that make a business successful.

The app has been carefully crafted by some of the leading developers in the world to make sure that the flow of the app and the navigation is as simple as possible while the operation and functionality caters to its complex role. We have loaded the app with some of the top features in the industry for absolutely FREE! While our competitors are busy charging a full fee for every additional feature, we have introduced a Postmates Clone app that works flawlessly owing to its own cache of features that need no additional payment.

Different Budgets, Different Packages

Why should you have to spend money on features that you don’t need? We understand that your business requirements are very unique and therefore we have built different packages to suit your business goals. Just identify the features most important for your business and pick the package that has them all.

No more haggling for a few features or trying to reduce the cost of the app by eliminating important ones. Just check the stuff that works for you and go for it! After all, our success is directly proportionate to yours!

Free Demo of the App for Unlimited Duration

Checking the app thoroughly before having to spend on it makes purchasing an app from us a wise decision. All you need to do is to speak to us so that we can set you up with a demo account. You can then download the demo app on multiple devices, both Android and iOS and test it to your heart’s content.

Check out the app from the user’s perspective, the restaurant or grocery store’s perspective and the delivery driver’s perspective to make sure that you know exactly what your app’s users are all going to experience before spending a single buck on it.

Full Fledged On Demand Multi Service Delivery Platform

Unlike typical on demand delivery apps, the Postmates clone is a powerhouse of delivery service. It not only facilitates parcel delivery from one place to another but also empowers your users to shop for food or groceries online and get them delivered to their doorsteps. This is your opportunity to skyrocket your business to the realms of success! Try NOW!