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Why Launch a Thumbtack Clone?

Launching a ready-made Thumbtack clone app offers you a shortcut to success in the on-demand service marketplace. By investing in an app like Thumbtack, you can save time, money, and effort that would otherwise be spent on developing the app from scratch.

With our Thumbtack Clone, you can quickly enter the market, capitalize on the on-demand service app, and generate exceptionally high revenues. Moreover, our app like Thumbtack, comes with proven built-in features and functionalities, ensuring that you don't have to worry about the trial-and-error phase of app development. Since the app is ready-made, it is already optimized for the user experience and has highly efficient performance. Additionally, you have the flexibility to white-label the app to match your brand identity and target audience.

Our thumbtack clone app reduces the risk associated with launching a new online business. With a proven business model, you can easily eliminate the uncertainties of market entry and focus on growing your business. Overall, investing in an app like thumbtack is a smart and strategic decision for you.

Why Choose Us as Your App Development Partners?

If you want to launch a fully-fledged on-demand service provider app that is ready to compete with existing apps like Thumbtack, then we are the right choice for you! We have more than a decade of experience, and we have served thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe. Such a wide outreach has enabled us to build an on-demand app for every market size and target audience.

Ondemand Clone helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and aspiring minds build the perfect apps that let them make easy money, manage their operations, and grow seamlessly. Launch your app in 1-2 weeks - get our Thumbtack Clone demo app now.

72+ On-demand Services in One Thumbtack Clone!

Ready to revolutionize your on-demand business? Our incredible Thumbtack Clone app has over 72 diverse services on the go. Let your users enjoy the convenience of managing finding and booking professional services like a beautician, car washer, dog walker, handyman, etc., from a single app.

Packed with cutting-edge features like service bids and online video consultations, this app is uniquely designed to set you apart in the market. Launch your business in just 1 - 2 weeks with our market-ready solution. Customize the app with your logo and brand name, features of your choice, multiple languages, and much more.

Explore the endless business possibilities you can leverage with our app like Thumbtack.

On-Demand Services
Online Video Consultation
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What’s Inside the Thumbtack Clone Script Package?

Our on-demand service app package includes all the essential scripts so that you can easily launch your online business. Each script for apps, web panels, billing panels, admin panels, etc. is pre-built, ensuring a quicker white-labeling and app launch process.

Take a look at all the essential scripts you get when you purchase our package:
  • Main Website
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel to manage Bookings, Profile, Wallet Money etc
  • Service Provider iOS App
  • Service Provider Android App
  • Service Provider Web Panel to manage Services, Payments, Profile etc.
  • Service Provider Company Web Panel
  • Billing Panel (Manage Payments and Site Earnings)
  • Admin Web Panel to manage the overall working of the app i.e. Payments, Commission, Rates, Service Providers, Users, Reports etc.

Check Out Thumbtack Clone Demo App

Want to experience how our app works in real-time? Watch the entire video to see our Thumbtack Clone demo application in action. Learn how users can find service providers on demand, pay for the booked service, rate & review them, or simply mark them as favorites.

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Thumbtack Clone App - How It Works?

  • Signup/Login: Users can signup on the app and create their profile. If they already have an account, users can simply use their Face ID and Fingerprint to log into the app.
  • Choose Services: Now, users can choose the services they need to get the list of available service providers nearby.
  • Find professional and request services: Users can compare profiles of different service providers from the list, look at the service charges, availability, etc., and send them the request. Before sending the service request, users need to select the preferred services and the mode of payment along with the date & day.
  • Confirmation: Once the service provider accepts the service request, the user receives the confirmation message and notification.
  • Track the service provider: Once the service provider is on the way to the location, users can easily track them on the map in real time and see the ETA simultaneously.
  • Pay For The Service: After the service ends, users can pay the professional.
  • Give Feedback: Users and service providers can rate and review each other after the task ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Thumbtack Clone?

    The Thumbtack Clone is an on-demand service provider app. It is designed to match local service providers and users in the same or nearby areas. On the Thumbtack Clone app, your users can find and book the services of a car washer, beautician, handyman, etc.

  • What constitutes a Thumbtack Clone Script package?

    The Thumbtack Clone app script package includes all the essential platforms needed to run an on-demand service provider business. The package includes pre-built scripts for a website, web panels, a billing panel, an admin web portal, and much more. For more details, get in touch with us.

  • How does a Thumbtack Clone work?

    After signing up, the user can choose the services they need. The app will display a list of nearby service providers available at the moment. At this stage, users can easily compare the profiles of different service providers available near them. Additionally, they can make payments and track the live location of the booked provider on the map.

  • Do I need to learn all the technical stuff about app development before buying the Thumbtack Clone?

    We have worked with many non-technical clients in the past and have helped them throughout the whole app development process. Therefore, we only ask you to share your ideas, suggestions, and vision for your business while we handle all the technical things for you!

  • How do I make money from Thumbtack Clone?

    You can use the third-party Facebook/Google Ad feature and leverage the commission-based earnings along with subscription plans purchased by providers. The best part is that you can choose the commissions that you want to earn and create the subscription plans that suit your business requirements.

  • Will I get ownership of the source code?

    Yes, you will get ownership of the source code of the Thumbtack Clone package. Once we complete the launch process and conclude all the formalities, we will send you the licensed source code for one domain.

  • How do I get in touch to get more information about the app?

    You can contact us by sending us an email at [email protected], quoting all your questions. We will get back to you within the next working day.

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