What is a HappyFresh Clone App? Understanding On-Demand Apps

HappyFresh is an online app-based platform developed as a key prospect for the gig economy. Its prime service is to help grocery stores get more online bookings through Android and iOS platforms. Users can browse through the list of different grocery stores to find their desired items and have them delivered by a professional delivery driver. With convenience as the driving factor, HappyFresh quickly became Asia’s fastest-growing online grocery marketplace.

Our grocery delivery app offers features and services similar to those of its original counterpart. The difference is that it has been made with the latest feedback, keeping various other functionalities in mind regarding UI/UX and several other features. As a result, you will get a better on-demand grocery delivery app, all tried and tested, whose free demo is available in the App and Play Stores.

Furthermore, the clone script of the HappyFresh Clone online grocery delivery app can be customized, which means you can buy the app, rebrand it, and start an online grocery delivery business in just a few weeks. Either you can hire professional designers and developers and work your way to the top with a custom app developed from scratch or reach the same height with a slightly different approach, i.e., partnering with a clone app development company offering white-label services. The choice is yours!

What We Offer - Top Features of Our HappyFresh Clone App

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    Driver Restriction

    The delivery driver cannot change the order status unless within X meters/feet of the pickup location.

  • Search By Name

    Pending Order Reassignment

    Orders ready for delivery are reassigned to other delivery drivers as soon as the nearest driver rejects the delivery.

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    Free Delivery Promo-Codes

    Users receive promo codes at the end of their grocery item booking process to get “Free Deliveries.”

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    Location-Wise Banners

    The app shows location-wise banners on the home page to target customers with relevant deals and offers.

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    Location-Wise Push-Notifications

    Mass push notifications are sent to users around a set location simultaneously and directly from the admin panel.

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    Store Close

    The users are able to see which stores are available and open before placing the order from their mobile apps.

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    Set Custom Commission

    Choose a different commission percentage and set it accordingly on the admin panel for each grocery store. You can edit it at any time.

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    Voice Notes for Delivery Driver

    For precise pickup location descriptions, the user can leave out voice notes for the driver for seamless communication.

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    Delivery Preference

    Add the delivery name, description, and other details in the admin panel to create a preference listing screen for the app and web panel.

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    Day Wise Separate Time Slot

    Both the admin and the store can set their business hours for each day in advance so that the user can order at set times.

  • Search By Name

    Item Name Searching

    The user searches for the item or a store name available in the grocery store listing with the help of a search box.

  • Search By Name

    Photo Feature Gallery

    Grocery stores are able to upload photos of their grocery items along with other details for better user engagement.

Process of Launching an App Like HappyFresh

  • Launch Free Demo

    Test our native Android and iOS apps thoroughly. Check the features, understand the booking process, and see the UI/UX directly.

  • Launch Create Contract

    We will start the white-labeling process as soon as the contract containing delivery terms, product specifications, and NDAs is approved.

  • Launch White-Label Starts

    Our HappyFresh Clone app undergoes the re-branding process. Several different business details, including the name and logo, are required in this step.

  • Launch Submit and Launch

    As soon as the white labeling is done, we will submit the app to the Play and App Store for you and will also deal with any forthcoming bugs.

Admin Panel Features Present In Our HappyFresh Clone App Package

The admin panel foresees everything related to the on-demand grocery app business. It generates reports based on the data from the store, delivery driver, and the user app. If you are planning to start an on-demand grocery delivery business like HappyFresh, it is important to have an Admin Panel ready to categorize each new service and feature into numbers for you to see. With us, you will get a comprehensive admin panel with the following features.

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Advanced Back-end System
  • Resource tracking
  • God's Eye View
  • Cancellation fees
  • Advanced Analytics/ Reports
  • Billing Administrator
  • Commission Tracking
  • Export Reports
  • Admin User Rights Management
  • In-App Notification Management
  • Fare/ Radius/ Promo Code Management

Why Choose Our HappyFresh Clone App?

Most on-demand grocery clone apps support budding entrepreneurs with their budget tracking and planning. Similarly, our HappyFresh Clone takes this process a bit further and adds a ton of features after implementing the feedback received from the original HappyFresh app. As a result, you will get the most accurate clone offering similar services, making your business intuitive and robust.

  • More Affordable Prices

    The number one benefit of choosing our HappyFresh Clone over others is that you’ll pay way less since we don’t charge for white-labeling and post-launch maintenance. The final quote will be a fraction of the overall budget needed to develop custom apps.

  • Faster Delivery

    You don’t have to spend months on design and development when there is already a pre-built, on-demand grocery delivery app ready to be launched. Moreover, it takes only 1-2 weeks to get your business up and running as soon as you choose us as your clone app development company.

  • Transparency

    We make sure to loop you in with almost every detail you should know about your future business in advance. You can also ask our proficient team of developers for any issue you have with the flow or process. We strive for clarity from the start, and crucial feedback is always welcome.

  • Be Your Own Boss

    Since there is no need to design and develop a pre-built app, you don’t have to hire anyone. You will be your own boss, running a business from a small investment made in app development, which will be submitted and maintained by a third-party team.

  • Penetrate Market Faster

    The early launch will yield early customer feedback. Implementing those with the right approach will allow your on-demand grocery delivery app business to have a loyal customer base.

How Does Our HappyFresh Clone App Work

  • Customer searches for grocery items.
  • All the items are added to the cart, which can be modified at any time.
  • Customer adds details like pick-up address.
  • Delivery preferences (doorstep or takeaway) are set as per the requirements.
  • Order are placed by making payments via cards or wallets. Users can also select cash.
  • Once the order is placed, the Store app notifies the store about a new order with all the details.
  • Customer can see the status of their order in real time. The map will also help locate precisely how far away the order is.
  • As soon as the store accepts the new request, the delivery driver app notifies the nearest driver about a new delivery booking.
  • The driver must accept the order within the given time.
  • The driver reaches the store and picks up the order.
  • The store, too, will now be able to track the status, whether the order has reached the recipient or not.
  • Once the order is successfully delivered, it is appropriately updated on all three platforms simultaneously.
  • Customer and driver can both review the store and rate each other as well.

Technology Used In Our HappyFresh Clone

On-demand grocery Delivery Apps like HappyFresh are massive and demand a robust tech stack. Being a professional white-label firm, we know that even though native app development takes more effort, it is rewarding in terms of performance and scalability. Our experienced developers work on different layers of separate apps for months to create one complete package comprising several other apps, panels, and a website.

Using PHP, Bootstrap, JAVA, Swift, jQuery, MySQL, and Socket Cluster, our HappyFresh Clone app package has the potential to work under heavy load. From iOS in Swift and Android in Java, the tech stack includes MongoDB, AngularJS, and NodeJS as well. Coupled with Google Analytics and AWS, we assure you that all your server maintenance and app-load issues will never arise since the launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are post-launch app maintenance costs included in the package?

    We only charge for the HappyFresh Clone app. Since post-launch app maintenance costs differ from company to company, we never include it in the package. From white-labeling to post-launch app maintenance and support, we offer all these services free of charge for one year or more, depending on the package you have chosen.

  • What are the different revenue-generating channels for the HappyFresh Clone?

    Running an on-demand grocery delivery app business is a profitable venture. You can use our grocery delivery app to earn money from each order via commissions. Also, earn from running advertisements via third-party in-app ads on the main page of the app.

  • Will I get ownership of the HappyFresh Clone source code?

    Yes, you will get full ownership of the source code. It is 100% licensed, so you will not experience any legal issues. Once we have launched the app and completed all the formalities, we will zip and send you the source code at no additional cost.

  • How quickly can I launch my grocery delivery business using the HappyFresh Clone App?

    You can launch your grocery delivery business in just under two weeks. Our white-label process includes adding your business name, logo, color scheme, currency, and language, along with an SMS and payment gateway. We will also incorporate your branding into the admin panel and other supporting panels as well.

  • What does the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) constitute?

    Having an NDA will keep people from discovering that your grocery store is built using a ready-made clone app. Thus, we will sign an NDA and a contract that will prevent us from using our name or technology in any way that could be associated with your company.

  • How do I get in contact with the support team?

    You can contact us by email at [email protected]. Our team will respond to you by the next working day.

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