While many developers all over the world have created their own Food Delivery apps, our Talabat clone is created with finesse and flawless navigation. We offer the following features absolutely free with our app to help you in growing your business quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. Let us take a look:

  • FREE Licensed Source Code : We offer you the entire licensed source code of the application absolutely free so that you can make any and all kinds of updates that are needed to the app with time. Modify it, develop it further or add time relevant, market relevant features as you scale the business without having to depend on us.
  • FREE One Year Bug Fixing : OnDemandClone understands that starting off with a new business and basing it on a new app may be difficult from time to time. We are confident of the quality of our apps and therefore we offer a 365 day bug fixing policy absolutely free of cost. *This is as per the package you buy OR the deal you make.
  • Free Annual Updates (subject to packages) : We also update the app for you annually (either for one year or two years based on the package that you select). These updates will ensure that your app continues to work seamlessly across different devices and operating systems. *This is as per the package you buy OR the deal you make.


We are not just app sellers. We are your partners! We have built one of the most powerful on demand food delivery app known as the Talabat Clone app. Our core focus lies in ensuring that our customers are offered more than just an app. It is a full fledged system that allows you to create an efficient business.

We have put in years of our experience and our expertise in ensuring that the app we create is most useful for our clients by being absolutely simple to use and easy to navigate for their end users. Our goal has always been to ensure that your end customer doesn’t have to unlearn anything in order to learn how to use your application.

talabat app clone

Check out all features and flow of our Talabat Clone

The reach of our on-demand food ordering and delivery is top-notch because of the rising demand in the market, convenient ordering, and contactless delivery. Our online food delivery app earns you a steady cash flow by enabling users to place an order for their food online.

Get yourself an easy-to-use food delivery app that makes it convenient for your delivery staff to handle all order requests and delivery at lightning speed.

Make your food delivery process unified and faster than ever. Here is the step-by-step workflow of the entire food delivery app - right from the customer side, vendor side to the admin. Understand on-demand Food delivery solution products better with the graphical flow as check our pricing features on the go.

Talabat Clone App Features Talabat Clone App Flow


Our app is in a 100 % ready state. This means that you can test it before you buy the app! All you need to do is to tell our sales team and we will set you up with a demo account using which you can download the app on multiple devices both Android and iOS to test it thoroughly. Take a look at the app and try it for as long as you like and only once you are satisfied, we can white label the app for you and launch it for you on the app store within 4 to 5 business days.

Fill our Inquiry form now and our sales team will come back to you with all the details about the product, all features, our deliverables, live demo details.

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