What is Talabat Clone?

It is an all-in-one store delivery platform that's similar to the Qatar-based Talabat app. The original app is well-known for its on-demand food and grocery delivery services. Talabt operates across several Middle Eastern countries, including Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

With this on-demand app, users can browse the delivery services, find nearby stores, and place their orders. Additionally, the app pre-integrates advanced features using which your users can track their orders in real-time, manage profiles, top-up in-app wallets using credit cards, and so much more.

In short, Talabat Clone is the best solution for entrepreneurs to start their own online delivery business easily, quickly, and without spending a fortune!

Talabat Clone Real-Time Working Demo

Watch the in-depth video of how our Talabat-like App works. Experience its Features and Interface in Real-time. And if you need a hands-on of our On-demand App, download the Demo on your Device right away!

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How Talabat Clone Application Works?

  • Find Stores

    Users find Stores like Pharmacies, Supermarkets, Stationery, etc., available near their Current Location.

  • Browse Items

    Users click on the Store, view the list of all the Items, and add them to the Cart.

  • Place Order

    Users proceed to place the order after selecting the address and payment method.

  • Doorstep Delivery

    The Delivery Partner picks up the order from the Store and Delivers it to the User’s Address.

Make Your On-Demand Delivery Business Thrive with Our Talabat Clone

We offer entrepreneurs more than just white-labeling the Talabat Clone for them! With the purchase of our package, we ensure that your online business goes live in no time. Here are some "FREE" features you get when you invest in our professionally-developed solution:

  • 1-Year Bug Support 1-Year Bug Support

    we provide you with one-year support for any technical bugs that you may encounter in our source code at no additional cost.

  • License Source Code License Source Code

    we provide you with the licensed source code of the purchased Talabat Clone app so that your team can modify it whenever they want.

  • Annual Upgrade Annual Upgrade

    we will provide you with the upgrade of the app you purchased from us after a year. The update will ensure that your app runs smoothly across all devices and stays relevant to advanced technology.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs from across the world have already invested in our ready-made solutions and launched their on-demand businesses. With the purchase of our package, you can not only take advantage of our free features but also go live with a fully-fledged application within 1-2 weeks. Moreover, our tech team has designed the platform and has tested it multiple times to ensure that it's user-friendly, interactive, and delivers the best service experience.

Our on-demand app also integrates a bunch of advanced features like real-time tracking, biometric authentication for login, multiple online payment options, and so on. With our app, your users can easily place their order, track it, get quick customer support, and access all the other functionalities with only a few taps!

Visit the pricing page to explore more features and other essential components of our Talabat Clone Script Package!

Screen Flow of Our Advanced Talabat Clone

Customer App
Delivery Driver Apps
Grocery Store Apps
  • user app
  • user profile setting
  • service category
  • edit cart and checkout
  • delivery driver app
  • select your vehicle
  • delivery driver profile
  • manage vehicles
  • grocery store app
  • grocery items
  • set timings
  • store details

Delivery Services That You Can Offer with Our Talabat Clone

With our ready-made Talabat-like app, you can offer several store-based on-demand delivery services under one roof!

  • Food Food
  • Grocery Grocery
  • Pharmacy Pharmacy
  • Wine Wine
  • Flower Flower
  • Bottled Water Bottled Water
  • Stationery Stationery
  • Construction Construction
  • Supermarket Supermarket

Why Our Talabat Clone App Is Perfect for Your Business?

At OnDemandClone, we know that as an Entrepreneur, you want a great app to start your Business and establish a Dominant Presence in the Market. Well, that's exactly what we offer.

Our Talabat Clone Script is built using Cutting-edge Technology, and it's packed with an array of Advanced Features. It makes it easy for users to Order, Track Deliveries, and share their Feedback. Plus, it gives you, the App Admin full control of the Business, while Drivers get to Earn Money with every Delivery they make.

Moreover, we make sure that none of this comes at the expense of Quality or Convenience. But that's not all! With our Pre-built On-demand Delivery App, you can also generate Easy Profits with every Order placed through the Platform.

  • Fast Delivery Fast Delivery
  • Pocket Friendly Pocket Friendly
  • After Launch Support After Launch Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What revenue model does Talabat Clone follow?

    By launching a Talabat Clone, you can make money through commissions on every order placed on the app. In addition, you, as the app owner, can earn via in-app ads, delivery charges, and membership subscription plans.

  • Can I easily expand my Talabat-like business?

    Yes, you can easily expand your business by launching our Talabat Clone. The app lets you add up to 25 languages and currencies so that users can easily find a language they are comfortable with and place their orders. Moreover, we have used solid technologies to help you easily scale your operations.

  • Is white-labeling Talabat Clone the right choice for me?

    White-labeling the application is better than building the app from scratch. It requires less investment, and it is quick to launch. Moreover, you don’t have to hire your team of developers, a freelancer, or partner with an app development company. Once you purchase the package, we will white-label and launch the app!

  • What features can I use to effectively market my Talabat Clone application?

    You can use multiple features to market the Talabat Clone app effectively. For instance, our app integrates features like referring a friend, location-based push notifications, in-app ads, etc.

  • What security measures are required to keep the application safe from cyber-attacks?

    To ensure that your app remains secure at all times, you should follow the practice of regular security audits. Also, we ensure data encryption, the integration of secured payment gateways, and several other best practices to protect your data. For more information, get in touch with our sales team.

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