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Want to be as successful as Uber with your taxi business? Then there's nothing better than creating a whole taxi booking app solution, which is seen as the transportation of the future.

OnDemandAppClone develops a fully-integrated custom Bitaksi Clone App, comprising drivers' and passengers' apps, as well as an admin panel that handles dispatches and bookings, to recreate the Taxi Booking Experience. Our dedicated team of Uber developers understands how to create a Bitaksi like app and what it takes to create one. Whether you own a small or large taxi startup, using our app development services to create your own taxi app solution can help you grow your taxi business.

With our customized native iOS and Android taxi booking app development solutions, you can provide your passengers with a whole new level of cab booking experience.

What Do we Provide With Our Bitaksi Clone App

It's vital to understand that running a successful taxi service requires more than just one app. OnDemandCloneApp can be readily adapted and tweaked to fit the following business models in addition to Taxi Booking Business.

Have a glimpse of what is included in our Bitaksi Clone App.
  • 1Rider iOS App
  • 2Rider Android App
  • 3Rider Web Panel
  • 4Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • 5Driver iOS App
  • 6Driver Android App
  • 7Driver Web Panel
  • 8Kiosk Android App
  • 9Taxi Company Web Panel
  • 10Billing Administrator Panel
  • 11Dispatcher Administrator Panel
  • 12Hotel/Tourist Office Booking Panel
  • 13Organization Web Panel
  • 14Manual Taxi Dispatcher Panel in Admin Panel
  • 15Main Website
  • 16 Administrator Web Panel to manage all Apps
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Launch the best taxi booking app with Bitaksi Clone App

We understand how important taxi booking app development is for your business or startup.

We can safely declare that the time has come to Launch your taxi business with the best taxi booking app like Bitaksi. As a result, we're convinced that our app solutions will be a great fit for your taxi cab company.

We are a well-known taxi app development business that specializes in offering taxi companies with white-label App solutions.

In addition, our On-Demand Taxi App Development Solution includes a unique Bitaksi Clone script that is adapted to your specific requirements. The extensive features of our Taxi Booking Script, such as Taxi Booking with iWatch App, Restricted driver's fraud, Live-tracking, Online protected payment, and exact price identification, help you stay ahead of the competition.

Purchase the greatest taxi Clone Script with modern technology features to take your ride-hailing company to the next level. Your on-demand taxi booking app will swiftly reach your target audience with our assistance.
Let's use our Bitaksi Clone Source Code to help you automate, grow, and develop your company.

Why Use Our Bitaksi Clone Script

  • 100% Licensed Source Code
  • Pocket Friendly Yet Highly Scalable
  • White-Labeling At No Additional Cost
  • Biometric and Face ID login
  • Facebook / Google Ads Integration
  • Free Language and Currency Integration
  • Single Click Auto Backup of Database
  • 3 Algorithms For Ride Allotment
  • Advanced Analytics and Reports
  • Membership Subscription Plan
  • Geo-Fencing - Driver Restriction

Revenue Models Of Our Bitaksi Clone App

The long-term success of any business hinges on its ability to generate consistent revenue streams. This is especially true for taxi services, where understanding different income models is crucial. Our Bitaksi clone offers remarkable flexibility, allowing you to adopt any of the following revenue generation strategies with ease:

  • Commission Model

    A commission-based model allows you to charge a percentage of each ride fare, providing a stable income stream without the need for upfront investments. This approach is widely adopted by many successful ride-sharing platforms.

  • Cancellation Fee

    Implementing a cancellation fee can help offset the costs associated with missed or canceled rides, ensuring that your drivers' time and resources are valued appropriately. This fee can be a flat rate or a percentage of the estimated fare, depending on your business needs.

  • Surge Pricing

    During periods of high demand, surge pricing can be a valuable tool for incentivizing drivers and ensuring adequate service coverage. By adjusting prices based on real-time supply and demand, you can optimize your operations and maximize your revenue potential.

  • Subscription Model

    Offering subscription plans can provide a reliable, recurring revenue stream for your business. Drivers can enjoy the convenience of commission-free pricing via bundle packages tailored to their needs, while you benefit from increased loyalty and income.

Advanced Features of Bitaksi Clone App

Through our Bitaksi Clone App, you get a wide range of advanced features to set your taxi business apart from others.

  • Multiple Credit Card Management

    Provide your customers with the convenience of securely saving multiple payment methods within the app. They can easily switch between cards for different rides or choose to remove outdated cards with just a few taps.

  • Wallet To Wallet Money Transfer

    Streamline payments through an integrated wallet system that allows seamless transfers from the customer's wallet directly to the driver's wallet. This cashless solution is perfect for those times when exact change isn't readily available.

  • Location Wise Push Notifications

    Keep your users informed with targeted push notifications based on their location. Whether it's local promotions, service updates, or important alerts, this feature ensures your messages reach the right audience.

  • Send And Redeem Gift Cards

    Delight your customers with the ability to send gift cards to friends and family through the app. Recipients can easily redeem these digital vouchers, making it a thoughtful and convenient way to share the gift of mobility.

  • VoIP Based Call Masking

    Keep people's phone numbers private by letting them hide their numbers when making calls over the internet. Users and drivers can call each other without sharing their real phone numbers.

  • Book Ride For Someone Else

    This feature allows your users to request a ride for someone else. The person getting the ride will receive a text message with information about the driver and the car. Rest process will follow the same fashion from starting till end.

Demo video of How Our Bitaksi App Clone Works

We've put up a series of videos to help you learn more about the app. In this guided learning video, you'll learn about the app's flow, monetization method, and more. Don't worry if these films don't include all of the information you require. Simply contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Bitaksi clone app video client reviews

Steps to Initiate an Online Taxi Business like Bitaksi

Would you like to know what all includes in the original bitaksi clone script? Are you curious about our purchasing procedure?

Steps To Starting An On-Demand Taxi Service

  • Before proceeding any further, our Technical Team will brief you on all of the Deliverables, including Android and iOS Apps, Admin Panel, Web Panel, and Kiosks. Then, only once you've completed the Payment Milestones, will we confirm your Order.
    Our Base App will be rebranded with your company's name and logo. It is our great pleasure to provide you with the option of choosing the language and currency to use in your fully customized app. On our Development Server, we'll ask you to review the Android and iOS versions of the app. Only after you authorize the App will we proceed to the next step.
  • To launch the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we'll need your Server Login Details! We'd take care of getting the apps approved on the Play Stores.
  • For any problems detected in our code, we will provide one year of assistance. We'll compress and email a Lifetime Licensed Source Code for one Domain after the app is released with the purchase of the bundle! Have a concern? Please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I, as a startup owner, invest in BiTaksi Clone?

    Yes, our on-demand taxi app is built to help businesses of all sizes hit the market in just 1-2 weeks. Apart from its quick time to market, launching BiTaksi Clone is affordable, has amazing UI/UX, and can be customized as per your business requirements.

  • Do you provide technical support after the app launches?

    After launching your application, we will offer you one year of bug support. Also, depending on the package you choose, we will send you the app upgrades for 1 to 2 years.

  • How can I verify and onboard registering drivers or fleet companies?

    Our admin panel integrates different verification features. Once the driver registers on the application, you can check their name, address, and contact details. In the next step, you can verify the identification documents that they submit. Once you run the verification checks, you can approve their registration request.

  • Do I need to have technical knowledge to buy the BiTaksi Clone app?

    No, you don't need to have any technical knowledge about app design or development. Our experts will white-label the solution for you. All you have to do is test the app, and we will launch it for you after getting approval from your end.

  • Is there any limitation on the number of users that can register on the app?

    No, there is no limitation on the number of users that register! Our BiTaksi Clone app is highly scalable and ensures no glitch in performance, even when there's a sudden increase in user traffic!

  • How can I contact you if I want more assistance?

    For further assistance, simply send us an email detailing all your questions and concerns at [email protected]!

What Do Our Clients Say?

Our On-Demand Taxi Service App has taken a lot of time and effort. As a result, it's only natural that we've received nothing but well-deserved acclaim for it. Let our global clients, who are proud owners of the Bitaksi Clone App, speak for themselves. To discover more about how we work, read these client testimonials. This app has the potential to transform your company entirely. Start your own on-demand taxi booking platform and gain market share and profit instead of waiting for half-baked, unfinished apps. Please get in touch with us right away!