The flow of the Grab App Clone is extremely simple and easy to follow. It enables the users to get more from a single application. Here’s how the app works:

  • The users download the app on their device and then register into it using their Facebook or Gmail Ids or by filling out a short form that has all the basic details.
  • Then, when the user opens the app, they can see two options, Ride or Delivery.
  • They can click on the service that they need.
  • If they need to get a ride, they can click on the ride option and enter their pick up and drop locations of the interested places and then select a vehicle based on their budget and the number of passengers.
  • The app would then send out a job request to the driver who will get the pick up details and be on its way to assist the user.
  • After the ride is over, the app facilitates automatic payment and then the users and the drivers can rate each other based on their experience of the ride.
  • In case the user is looking for a delivery, they can click on the delivery option and enter the pick up and drop location of the items that need to be delivered.
  • The app sends a notification to the delivery driver and they can be on their way to collect the product and deliver it to the designated address.
  • After the delivery is made, the user can route the payment automatically through the app.
  • Then, the user and the delivery driver can rate each other based on their experience.


Understanding complex systems such as this can be challenging. But don’t you worry; we’ve got your back! To help you understand all the finer points related to the Grab App Clone, we have created visual aids. Take a look at everything that the app has to offer and find out how you can succeed in your business by providing a digital platform to help your business grow.


Why enter a world of uncertainty when you can test everything before you buy it! Just give us a heads up and we will arrange for you to test the app for as long as you like. Our Team can set you up with a demo app of the Grab Clone and you can download it on multiple devices, both Android and iOS so that you can see the app for everything that it is before you have to invest in it. Once you have made your decision, it will only take us 4 to 5 working days to white label the app with your logo, brand name and re skin it with your company colors to launch it on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store under your server credentials!

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