What is a Handy Clone App?

Handy clone - the mobile solution that'll skyrocket your home service business! Your customers can easily book any home care service they need with a few taps. Don't waste another second - launch into the on-demand market and start raking in those profits! Our Handy clone comes packed with proven features; no trial-and-error is needed. It's pre-optimized for an excellent user experience and lightning-fast performance. It's a one-stop shop where customers can effortlessly find any service provider, all in one slick app.

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Get Your On-Demand Marketplace Live In Just Under 2 Weeks!

Our ready-made Handy Clone app is a thing of beauty. We have run several tests on multiple devices, and both our service provider and user apps have successfully passed with flying colors. Also, we have added several features that you can’t find in the original Handy app, so your business will have a significant advantage in the current competitive market.

We have made the whole process very simple and streamlined for you from start to finish. The script will go through swift re-branding once you approve it after testing the demo apps.

Through our apps, we have changed the fate of many entrepreneurs across a wide range of on-demand handyman services. We have been doing this for over a decade and have gathered experience in various global markets to understand your requirements instantly and efficiently. You can start by seeing the working demo of our Handy Clone below!

Why Choose Our Handy Clone App?

We have great solutions that include an app you can fully customize with different code, design, and functionality.

  • Highly Customizable We will add your name, logo, color, payment, and SMS gateway, along with currency and languages, as you prefer.
  • 100% Licensed Source Code We give you the complete Handy Clone with 100% source code. This total solution means you have all rights to view, edit, and manage your branded on-demand app.
  • User-Friendly Design Our Handy Clone offers a quick solution for any handyman's requirements, from cleaning to installation.
  • Complete Solutions Our goal is to offer complete solutions, not just apps. We provide solutions for various businesses, such as home cleaning, repairs, tutoring, appliances, construction, and more.
  • Referrals & Growth Increase your users and keep them through referrals and promotions. Our tech ensures the white-label Handy Clone can grow as your business grows.

Handy Clone Script Features

  • Two Years of Free Updates

    To ensure your app keeps working well over time, we provide free annual updates for up to 2 years based on the package you choose. This long-term support is an exceptional offer you won't find elsewhere.

  • One Year of Free Bug Fixes

    Our apps go through rigorous testing to make them robust and bug-free. However, if you do encounter any technical bugs, we'll fix them for you at no cost for an entire year.

  • Complete White Labeling

    We'll add your company's name and logo to the apps and web panel and remove our own branding at no extra charge. This white labeling is essential for your business.

  • Free Additional Language

    To facilitate global usage, we'll integrate one additional language of your choice (Spanish, French, Arabic, German, etc.) into the app free of charge.

  • Free Additional Currency

    Beyond the standard USD, we'll add one other currency (GBP, CAD, EUR, etc.) and integrate it into the taxi app at no cost, allowing you to manage exchange rates.

  • Color Theme Matching Your Brand

    We'll set the color theme across all apps and web panels to match your company's logo colors.

  • Timely Delivery Guaranteed

    Once we commit to a delivery timeline, we'll meet it. Our apps are pre-built and just need re-branding, so your app review is ready in just 4 days before submission to app stores.

  • Server Compatibility

    The web panel versions work with standard Linux servers like HostGator, Amazon, Cloud Servers, etc. We'll recommend an ideal hosting plan for your needs.

how business like Urbanclap work?

Explore The Magic Of Video Consultation and Service Bidding

Apart from booking on-demand service providers, your customers can also connect with experts through audio/video calls and chat for consultation on legal, telemedicine, astrology, teaching, fitness, and much more. Moreover, the service providers can also bid for user-posted jobs. Users post a job with details and allow providers to place bids within their budget. Users select a provider based on bids, reviews, and portfolios. The post and bid feature is available on iOS and Android apps. The user selects a category and subcategory for the needed service, e.g., Plumber - Blocks & Leakages.

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Smooth Running Business With Seamless And Intuitive Flow

Users can choose the type of service they want: On-Demand Service, Video Consultation, or Service Bid. This smooth process, combined with our outstanding technology, gives firms a proven way to make money in the home services industry.

  • Choose a Category The user selects the needed service and location. They can choose fixed costs (e.g., Car Wash, Beauty Services), hourly jobs (e.g., Tutor), and multiple services (e.g., Car Wash options) based on their requirements.
  • Book Instantly Confirm your booking with a payment gateway electronically and securely using the pre-built payment gateway.
  • Professional Arrives Service providers see pending and upcoming jobs. They can set their work area range and service locations. Once accepted, they will arrive set by ETA. Our Handy Clone app gives an excellent user experience and works well everywhere. It uses new technology and expert work to build a strong base for business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make my on-demand service app more secure?

    We use modern security tools and techniques to secure your app. Our code is secure, thoroughly tested, and regularly updated and patched to keep your apps highly secure. Additionally, we use strong authentication and data encryption to provide top-level security for your on-demand apps.

  • How quickly can I get my service app?

    Using our service, you can develop your on-demand business app within 1-2 weeks. If you need more customizations, please allow us some time to analyze your requirements before we provide you with the exact timeline and cost to build a highly customized business app.

  • Is my business idea safe if I use a clone app?

    Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our clients to ensure we don't share their ideas with anyone else. We have a product roadmap, and all our products have a rating card detailing the features included and upcoming features. For any feature outside of this list, we readily agree to sign an NDA to protect your idea.

  • Will you support my app after it goes live?

    We provide free bug fixes for our core products for one year after purchase. These fixes are supplied via updates to your source code repository. However, we don't merge the code changes for you, as that would incur additional costs for our time and effort.

    If you have an idea in mind, talk to one of our experts now!

    To keep your app ideas private, we strictly follow secrecy agreements and agreements to protect your rights for our valued customers.

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    To keep your app ideas completely private, we strictly follow secrecy agreements and agreements to protect your rights for our valued customers.
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