What Is Uber Freight Clone?

It is an app that works on a similar model to Uber Freight! The on-demand logistics app is used to find transportation facilities on the go. For instance, businesses/vendors can connect with truck drivers through the app. Shippers can easily find available truck drivers nearby, see the capacity of the freight, get real-time costs, etc.

In simple words, Uber Freight Clone is a similar platform built to provide on-demand services in the freight and logistics industry. To make the process easier, the app integrates multiple features like real-time tracking, digital documentation, online payment methods, etc.

This app is best for entrepreneurs who want to enter the logistics and transportation market or simply provide an alternative solution for other businesses looking for easy freight services in the region.

Why Choose Our Uber Freight Clone?

    Enjoy advanced logistics technology that helps businesses and individuals move things right at their fingertips. From optimizing your business process to helping users leverage on-demand shipping with a freight delivery app, our solution is the #1 choice for everyone.

  • Highly scalable Our app is highly scalable, enabling you to expand your business without any hassles!
  • Advanced features We have integrated multiple features in our application to make it easier for shippers and carriers to connect, send/receive payments, track the shipment in real-time, etc.
  • Native app While most white-label apps are Flutter-based, we have built a purely native app so that it functions well on all iOS and Android apps.
  • Affordable Unlike splurging your money on developing the app, choosing our Uber for Trucks will be much more affordable since it is pre-built!
  • Quick white-labeling Our ready-made app lets you go live on the app stores quickly as soon as we complete the white-labeling process.

Key Features of On Demand Logistics App

Our app is built to provide the best experience to shippers and carriers who are registering on the platform.

  • Login with biometric authentication

    Users can log into the app with their Face ID (iOS) and Fingerprint (Android), eliminating the hassle of remembering usernames and passwords.

  • Smart Fare Estimation

    Our fare calculators display accurate costs of the on-demand logistics service based on the availability of trucks, time, distance, taxes, etc.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Users can track their shipments in real time and see their ETA as well.

  • Wallet-To-Wallet Payments

    The app facilitates wallet-to-wallet transactions that eliminate the inconveniences of carrying cash!

  • Referrals and Rewards

    Users can invite their friends and family members to register on the app. Once they book their first service, the user gets rewards.

Discover Our Wide Range of On-demand Apps

We have an array of ready-to-launch apps for every industry, be it taxi booking, food delivery, parcel delivery, service bidding, or super apps! And the best part is that we can help you launch these apps in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

Make Easy Revenues with Our Uber for Pickup Trucks

With our on demand Logistics App, you can quickly earn money. Wondering how? Well, we have equipped every proven revenue model into our app so that you, as the app owner, get exceptional ROI using our ready-made solution.

  • Commission on every service You will earn commissions on every booking made through the app. As the app owner, it is you who gets to decide the commission rates.
  • In-app ads You can place third-party Facebook/Google ads on your platform and make money on every click these ads get on your platform.
  • Cancellation charges You can charge shipment cancellation charges from shippers or carriers.
  • Subscription plans You can earn revenues for subscription plan purchases made by the service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of specifications can I manage for my trucks in the Uber Freight Clone app?

    You can use our on-demand logistics app to connect with truck drivers through the app, see the capacity of the freight, get real-time costs, etc.

  • What technology stack is used in the Uber Freight Clone App?

    We have used Java to build Android apps and Swift to develop iOS apps. Furthermore, PHP is used to develop the admin panel, websites, and backends.

  • Does the Uber Freight Clone App come with a geofencing feature?

    Yes, you can use the Geofence feature in the Admin Panel to set up boundaries on a map. This helps you control where your services are available based on where you want to operate.

  • Can I integrate third-party ads into the Uber Freight Clone App?

    Yes. We offer third-party Facebook and Google Ads integration features that you, the business owner, can use to generate new streams of revenue via the app.

  • Where can I see all the logistics analytics for my business?

    You can use the admin panel to manage your business well. We provide a special dashboard in the admin panel that displays up-to-date information about deliveries.

  • How can I buy the Uber Freight Clone app script?

    Once you are satisfied with the demo apps, you can contact our sales executives to start the purchase process. They will guide you through the workflow and features of the app if you have any questions.

  • How can I contact you if I have questions?

    You can contact us by sending us an email at [email protected]. Our experts will get back to you within the next business day.

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