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Rated People CloneComplete All In One Service Providers App

Forget custom development, get the pre-built benefits and launch your business before your competition. With our Rated People Clone App, you can offer customers the ability to hire various service providers like doctors, beauticians, electricians, plumbers, and over 72 other services from the convenience of their smartphones.

From your business, both customers and service providers can enjoy transparent pricing, timing, and quality of work. The app is designed so customers only need to log in once. Whenever they need a service, they simply open the app, make a few clicks, and their selected provider will come to the specified location. Additionally, we offer complete non-disclosure with a structured NDA to protect our clients' identity and privacy.

Advanced Features of Our Rated People Clone App

  • 365 Days Support

    Our perfect apps almost certainly have been tested multiple times. Nevertheless, if you still find any technical bugs in it, we will fix them up for you for free for a whole year!

  • Licensed Source Code

    Selling the app means a complete handover and we offer you the licensed source code absolutely free. This is why we are offering it to you for 1 domain/brand.

  • Free Language Integration

    Your business deserves to be launched anywhere in the world. This is why we will configure the language in the app for best performance and we will do this to you for no additional cost.

  • Free Currency Integration

    The standard currency used is the USD but we will enable you to add any one other currency for free. You can even manage rate of your base currency with additional currency.

  • Pre-Built Website

    Apart from an app, our Rated People Clone app package includes a responsive website that you can use to market your app any device over any platform.

  • Free Accounting Web Panel

    Manage your business numbers via CSV/Excel files and look after only bookkeeping and financial transaction monitoring. This feature is available to exclusive administrators.

List Of Services in All In One Service Providers App

On-Demand Services
Online Video Consultation
Bid for Services
View Video

Use your app to help your customer book and schedule appointments with doctors, tutors, lawyers, astrologers, etc. Besides consulting through video calls, add a feature to pay online, chat with the provider, provide feedback, and more. Your customers can video call with:

  • Doctors On Demand
  • Doctor App
  • Tutor On Demand
  • Lawyer On Demand
  • Astrologer On Demand
  • Personal Yoga Classes
  • Personal Fitness Consulting
  • Use some generic
View Video

Let your customers post details of their jobs or tasks on your app and allow service providers to place their bids for them in real-time. Moreover, your customer can decide on the best bid. This will allow your customers to book services right away or at a later time.

  • Carpenter App
  • Electrician App
  • Plumber App
  • Painters
  • Handyman
  • Home Cleaning App
  • Use some generic
View Video

You can add services that can be charged based on hours or fixed costs:

  • Beauty Service App
  • Massage App
  • Car Wash App
  • Dog Walking App
  • Photographer
  • Tow Truck App
  • Babysitting App
  • Maids App
  • Pest Control App
  • Physiotheraphy App
  • Dog Grooming App
  • Snow Plows App
  • Barber App
  • DJ App
  • Lock smith app
  • Travel Agent App
  • Tour Guide App
  • Insuarance On Demand App
  • Security Guard App
  • Lawn Moving App
  • Barber App
  • Beachbody On Demand
  • Car repair App
  • Carpet Repairer App
  • Computer Repairer App
  • Cuddling App
  • Fire Fighters App
  • Helpers App
  • Interior Design
  • Lawn Care
  • Mobile Technician App
  • psychologist
  • Road Assistance
  • Sofa Repair
  • Spa
  • Translator
  • TV Repair
  • Real Estate Agent App
  • Mechanic App
  • AC Repair
  • Gardener on Demand
  • Doctor App
  • Nurse App
  • Sanitization Services
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Vet App
  • Catering App
  • Office Cleaning App
  • Party Cleaning App
  • Language Tutor

Key Benefits of our Rated People Clone App

  • Huge Selection of Service Categories From plumbers and electricians to chefs, DJs, and photographers, our app connects your customers with skilled professionals across dozens of service categories. No matter what your customers need done, they can find it here.
  • Verified Professionals Every service provider on our platform is thoroughly vetted with background checks, certification verification, and reviews from previous clients. They can book with confidence.
  • Upfront Pricing We require all providers to share transparent, upfront pricing details so there are never any surprise fees. Your customers can see the exact pricing before booking any job.
  • Easy Scheduling

    With our convenient scheduling tools, your customers can quickly see availability and book appointments in just a few taps. No more endless back-and-forth.

Discover Our Top-selling Ready-made Apps!

In addition to the Rated People clone, we offer a full range of ready-made solutions for food delivery, taxi booking, or a super app if you want to launch something different.

Smooth Running Business With Intuitive Flow

  • Users choose the type of service: on-demand, video consultation, or service bid.
  • They select the needed service, location, and costs (fixed, hourly, or multiple options).
  • Booking is confirmed securely via integrated payment gateways.
  • Service providers see pending/upcoming jobs, set their work areas, and are dispatched with ETAs.

Get Your On-Demand Marketplace Live In Just Under 2 Weeks!

Our ready-made app based on Rated People Clone has been thoroughly tested on multiple devices, with the service provider and user apps passing with flying colors. We've also added several features not found in the original Rated People app, giving your business a significant competitive advantage. The process, from start to finish, is simple and streamlined for you. Once you approve the demo apps after testing, we'll quickly rebrand the app for you.

Our apps have helped transform many entrepreneurs across a wide range of on-demand handyman services over the past decade. With experience in various global markets, we can instantly and efficiently understand and meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make my on-demand service app more secure?

    We use modern security tools and techniques like secure code, thorough testing, regular updates/patches, strong authentication, and data encryption to keep your on-demand apps highly secure.

  • How quickly can I get my service app?

    For a standard app, you can have it within 1-2 weeks. If you need more customizations, allow us some time to analyze your requirements before providing a exact timeline and cost.

  • Is my business idea safe if I use a clone app?

    Yes, we sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure we don't share your ideas with anyone else. Our product roadmaps detail all included and upcoming features. For any features outside of this list, we're happy to sign an NDA.

  • Will you support my app after its launch?

    We provide free bug fixes for our core products for one year after purchase via updates to your source code repository. However, we don't merge the code changes for you, as that would incur additional costs.

  • What technology stack is used in all in one service provider app?

    Java and Swift programming languages have been the most preferable for building native apps. They use Android Studio and xCode for compiling codes effectively.

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