How Taxi Booking App Works?

Here is the step by step explanation of the app's flow: The rider first registers and logs in after which he or she can send ride booking request. This booking request is sent out to all the drivers in and around the area. Whichever driver accepts the request gets the job. When the driver accepts this request, rider gets a confirmation notification. The rider also gets to choose the payment method-card/cash/wallet. Driver picks up and drops at the designated locations. After the ride is over, payment is deducted automatically. Now the rider and the driver can rate each other.

This app is loaded with some of the best features this industry has to offer. The uber app clone itself is made to work flawlessly on any system. IT has a beautiful responsive design and an intuitive flow. Other top features include contact us, tipping, viewing invoices, Ride later, ride history, Edit Profile, inviting friends, wallets, etc. Our dedicated team of expert professionals has left no stone unturned in offering you nothing but the best solution!


Uber App Clone Demo Video

Step by Step Graphical Flow

Loading Screen

User bank details
  • Rider Application's Splash Screen with App's Logo will be displayed for 2-3 Seconds. Your logo with your App name will show here.
  • Driver Application's Splash Screen with App's Logo will be displayed for 2-3 Seconds. Your logo with your App name will show here.
User bank details

Introduction Screen

User bank details
  • User can see the information related to the Application on the Screen.
  • With this Screen, the User can flexibly choose the Language as well as currency of their choice. They can proceed for login or register through this Screen.
  • Driver can see the information related to the Application on the Screen.
  • With this Screen, the Driver can choose the Language and Currency of their choice flexibly. They can proceed for login or register through this Screen.
User bank details

Application Login

  • app login

    The User can login into the App by using their Mobile number.

  • app login

    The User can also login into the App by using Face ID / Touch ID / Social Media Accounts (Google & Facebook) / Apple Account.

  • app login

    After entering the Phone number, user can either enter the OTP or the alphanumeric password. App Owner will decide and set in Admin Panel Settings of what he wants in his App: OTP or Password. OTP can be send either using Twilio or Firebase method.

  • app login

    User can enter alphanumeric Password. (If this is set by the Admin).

Touch Id / Face ID Login (For Android Phone Users)

Select booking location
  • To activate Smart Login (Finger Print / Face Id), User first need to login/sign up either by mobile number or social media.
  • After login, user can enable smart login option from his profile section of application.
  • After enabling this option, user will see the Smart Login option in the login screen on his Device. Next time Users will be able to login using Finder ID / Face ID.
Select booking location Select booking location
  • Android Users can login using the Touch ID from their Mobile Phone.
  • User will be ask to put finger on sensor.
  • Its hassle free and help you to login using Touch Id.
  • Note: To activate Smart Login (Finger Print or Face ID), User first need to login/sign up either by Mobile Number or Social Media.

Face Id Detection (For iPhone Users)

Choose Login Using Face ID Detect
  • In case of iPhone device, user will be ask for Face Detection.
  • After successful authorization, user will be taken to main/landing screen.
  • Note: To activate Smart Login ( Finger Print or Face ID ), User first need to login/sign up either by Mobile Number or Social Media.


  • Enter Mobile Number

    Users can login to the App using Mobile number & Social Media credentials (Facebook or Gmail). There will be multiple steps for registarion.

  • Enter OTP

    After entering the Phone number, User will be asked to enter the OTP or password (as set by the App owner).

  • Full Name

    User can enter his full name in order to register on the App.

  • Email

    User can enter his email address and proceeed ahead. Once User is successfully registered on the App, he can login and use the Apps.

Application Menu

rider application menu option
  • A quick & user friendly way to access all features of the Rider's App. Wallet Balance will show on top along with Settings icon.
  • A Driver can access his Trips Statistics, Manage Vehicles & their documents through the Driver App in user friendly way. Driver can also see his wallet Balance on top along with Settings icon.
driver application menu option

Choose the Service You Need

user select service and location user select service and location
    The User can choose the service they require right from the categories that are listed here.
  • Taxi Booking
  • Taxi Pool
  • Taxi Bidding
  • Taxi Rental
  • Corporate Rides
  • Moto Ride
  • Moto Rental


(You as an App Owner can choose one algorithm for your App. You can either go with Standard Uber like Flow or InDrive like Bidding Flow for Taxi Booking.)

Standard Uber like Flow (Option 1)

rider book a trip Rider request ride
  • Rider will type the Pickup Location and Destination Address (optional) or will manually drag & pin them on the Map.
  • Rider will then need to select the Car Type from the available Car Types and also the Mode of Payment (Cash or Credit Card). Upon this he will also be able to see the Approximate Fare for his trip.
  • An animated arrow line similar to as in Uber will show up from the pickup point till location when the start and destination address is set.
  • User can also opt for Taxi Pooling. This will enable them to take shared rides. Further details of Taxi Pooling is explained further flow.
User bank details
  • In this screen you can select the Mode of Payment like Cash, Wallet or Card.
  • User can also select the Profile type as Personal or Organization. In case the Rider is traveling for official purposes, he or she can create their corporate account and use it for booking the Ride b y selecting his Organization.
  • User can also enter the promo code (If any) here in this screen and avail the discount.

Option to Add destination later

rider book a trip
    Riders may opt not to enter the destination address before booking a ride.
  • Riders may want to change the destination address while they are already on trip inside the Taxi.
  • Each time a Rider changes the destination, the Driver has right to reject or accept it.
driver get online driver get online
    Driver get online & starts accepting Rides
  • Driver will become online on the App to accept the rides. Once he is online, the Taxi System will be able to send him ride requests made by the riders in his range.
  • If a driver has more than one car, he will get an option to select the Car he is going to drive now.
rider send request

Once the Ride Request button is tapped by Rider, the request is immediately submitted in the App and is sent to all the Drivers in the Range of X Miles/KMs.

All the Drivers in the range of X Miles/KMs will receive a notification on their mobile with a countdown screen. They will have option to Accept or Reject/Ignore the incoming ride Request. They will also see the Pickup Location & Destination Address of the requested ride before they can accept the ride.

drivers receive rider request

Driver arriving

driver arriving
  • As soon as the Driver accepts the ride, he will see rider's pickup location on Map. Then he will drive to the pickup location and mark the status as "Arrived".
  • He can view rider's detail and can also contact via sms or call via his phone if he wants to ask for directions, etc.
  • Once the Driver accepts the ride, Rider will see Driver's Detail on screen and see that he is coming to pick him & can also track driver on map.
  • Rider can also Call or SMS Driver, Share the Ride detail on Social networking sites or Cancel the Trip if he wants to.
Pickup Passenger

Internal Chat between User and Driver

The Driver and Rider can start to chat with each other as soon as the ride is accepted by the Driver and until the Ride begins.

VOIP based Call masking

VOIP based calling completely eliminates the need to make additional payment for Call Masking. With the help of this feature, drivers and riders can place calls to each other over the internet. This means their phone numbers are neither required nor displayed.


Along with phone call and text chat option, Rider and Driver can also use the Video call option to communicate with each other. This section allows the Driver and the Rider to remain connected with each other via Video call.

Driver Arrived

driver arrived to pickup location
  • Driver will mark ride status as "Arrived" once he has arrived to the pickup location.
  • A notification will be show up on the screen as soon as the Driver has arrived at the pickup location.
driver arrived confirmation notification

trip Started

trip started
  • Driver will Slide the button to start the Trip once the rider is in car and ready for the trip
  • At this point, the Rider will receive a notification that the Trip has begun.
route navigate

Trip Completed

trip completed
  • Once the taxi has reached the destination, the driver will Slide the button to end the trip
  • Upon this, the rider will see in-app notification that the Trip is completed.
slide to end trip

Invoice Summary

rider-invoice detail
  • Once the ride is completed, the invoice summary will be displayed on the Driver's screen.
  • And upon clicking on "Collect Payment" button, the money will be AUTO deducted from the Credit Card of the Rider. In-case the, the Rider chose to pay by cash, he will hand over cash to the Driver.
  • The Driver can also rate the Rider.
  • Rider sees the invoice detail on his screen with breakdown. And upon payment deduction from rider's credit card, the rider will see a notification that the money was deducted from his Credit Card. If he needs to pay cash, he will see a notification asking him to pay Cash.
driver invoice summary

Taxi Booking

(You as an App Owner can choose one algorithm for your App. You can either go with InDrive like Bidding Flow and Standard Uber like Flow for Taxi Booking.)

InDrive like Bidding Flow (Option 2)

Here you will get an idea of how the Taxi part works in the App of the Rider and the Driver respectively using Taxi Bidding.

  • InDrive like Taxi Bidding Flow : In this, User goes with a Fare Price that he agrees with Taxi Driver. A Taxi Bidding features allows Users to request Taxi Rides and let’s Taxi Drivers bid on those ride requests. Instead of a fixed price determined by the Taxi app, the price for a Ride is determined through a Bidding Process where multiple Drivers compete to offer the lowest fare for the requested Ride. This can lead to cost savings for Riders and increased business opportunities for Drivers.
  • Standard Uber like Taxi Booking Flow : In this, User gets the fixed Fare based on Vehicle Type (Basic, Luxurious, Pool etc). User choose the option based on his preference and budget.
  • Here, User can see Taxi bidding option on the Home Screen. Tapping on the banner, User can see information related to Taxi Bidding Feature.

Booking A Taxi Using Taxi Bidding Feature

  • User can enter the Pick up and destination location in the App.
  • After providing the location details, User can view list of Taxi options available.
  • User can also select the payment option from this screen.

Sending Request

  • Before sending the request User can set the Fare that he wants to pay. Here average Fare for the selected location will be shown and user can enter the fare based on it.
  • Nearby all the Drivers will get the Ride request along with the Fare offered by the Rider.
  • Driver can either accept the offer or can counter offer.
  • In this case, Driver accepts the offer by Rider.

Driver Accepted the Offer (Case 1)

  • Once Driver has accepted the offer, User will be notified that XYZ Driver has accepted your Offer.
  • Rider then accept the request and starts the Ride.
  • Driver will be notified that Rider has accepted the Offer.

Multiple Bids (Case 2)

  • Upon receiving the request from Rider, Driver can counter offer the Ride Fare.
  • New Fare notification will be send to Rider.
  • In this scenario, Rider receiver multiple bids from the Drivers.
  • Rider can see the Ride Fare offered by all the Drivers.
  • Rider can accept or decline any request from the Driver.

Rider ACCEPTing one OFFER

  • Here Rider accepts the offer from Driver - Smith Davis.
  • Driver will be notified that Rider has accepted the Offer.

Driver Arriving

Rider can see the location of the Driver on a Map
  • Rider here gets a glimpse of the location of the Driver and thereafter calculate the estimated time of arrival.
  • Rider can Call / Message or Share the Ride details.
  • The Driver receives a glimpse of the location from where they need to pick the Rider and thereafter calculate the estimated time they would take to arrive there.
  • Driver can Call / Message / Share / Cancel the Ride.
  • Rest of the flow would be same as Taxi Booking Flow.
Driver can see the pickup location on a map

Advanced Features

Driver Reward feature

Manage Vehicles choose sub categories
  • It’s a loyalty program by which Drivers can achieve level/badge by providing good Service and more Trips to users. Drivers get the rewards based on the level/badge they achieve.
  • Driver rewards can be defined based on the levels/badge (i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond). So for example if a Driver archives :
    • Silver Level then X Amount of funds will get credited in his In-App wallet.
    • Gold Level then Y Amount of funds will get credited in his In-App wallet.
    • Platinum Level then Z Amount of funds will get credited in his In-App wallet.
    • Drivers can achieve these levels by meeting criteria defined for that Level within specific time duration set for that level.
Manage Vehicles choose sub categories
  • At any day between defined duration if driver achieves the defined criteria then he will get the level/badge and amount defined for that level credited in his In-App wallet immediately.Amount will be credited one time only in In-App wallet.
  • Once Driver archives the level, it will show forever in his Profile.

Tip Feature

Select booking location enter tip amount
  • Rider can Tip the Driver.
  • If the Rider Tip's Driver via Credit Card, he will need to enter the Tip amount and it will be processed from his Credit Card. The App Owner will not get any commission on the Tip amount. The Tip will be listed on invoice but no Tax or Commission will be levied on it.
  • If the tip is given in Cash, it will nowhere appear on the invoice or reports.

Shop/Stop/Eat while Riding

Notification of Trip has been put on hold by driver
  • This is a very unique and useful feature that allows people to “pause” their trips along the way. This means that a user will be able to stop to buy items or to eat while their trip is on.
  • When the Rider wants to stop the ride in the middle of the trip, they can ask the driver to “Pause” the ride in the middle of the trip. During this “pause” time, the Rider will be charged a separate waiting fee.
  • This means that the trip charge and the waiting charge will be calculated separately and then added cumulatively in the invoice at the end of the trip. This gives you fair and unbiased billing each time.
  • The Rider will get a notification that his Trip has been put on hold.
slide to end trip
your trip is resumed
  • The Driver can restart the Trip once Rider is back in the Taxi.
  • The Rider will get a notification that his Trip has been resumed.

Taxi Rentals


    This is a unique new feature that allows your customers to book completely chauffeured rides for a particular duration of time for a stipulated distance.

  • Quick book options from given packages.
  • Choice of vehicles as per seating capacity.
  • Choose the duration of your convenience.
  • Find a "Rent a Taxi" option on the screen. To rent a Taxi, tap on that button.

Taxi rental hour wise package
  • When the choice is made by the user a request is sent out to the Drivers.
  • All drivers who match the requirement in the area are sent the request.
  • The request page shows a timer to accept the request along with other details of the ride requested.
  • Once the driver accepts this request, the job is theirs.
Ride Rental driver Accept request

Taxi Hailing / Hail Ride

taxi hailing hail ride
  • Let's say a Driver is available for a ride and is driving an empty car. And some passenger just hails at him and want to hire him for a ride, the driver can simply click on Hail Ride Option on the Map and add the destination address. Upon this the fare estimate will be calculated and route will be shown on the map. The driver will start the ride and complete the ride in systematic way.
  • The whole ride will be traced and an invoice will also be prepared at the end. This is the best option to make your Taxi Company earn more money if you want drivers to take rides from passengers who may not have Rider App on their phone. And want to keep invoicing and rides route & detail to be stored in the System. On top of all, the taxi Company earns commission on this ride.

Multiple Stopover Points

destination and source address USER & SERVICE PROVIDER FEEDBACK
  • This feature allows you to visit and hold at multiple destinations during your Trip.
  • Do Trip with Pickup or drop anywhere with family, colleagues or friends.
  • Additional stops are added automatically on your route, which makes an easy, enjoyable, cost-effective shared rides.
  • Earn more by increasing trip request by allowing your users to do shared long-distance rides.
  • Add Source and Destination with other stops over and do the request.
  • At the Driver application, the request will come as the Ride Request where the Driver will get the options to mark each destination.
  • The Trip fare will be as per the standard fare defined for the vehicle type.
  • The Stopover hold time will be calculated in the invoice as per the standard time rates defined for the vehicle.
  • The App also has the feature to end the trip anywhere, if in a case where users want to end the trip at any destination.
User app menu screen
  • A request will be send to nearby available Drivers.
  • Nearby Driver will receive request and can Accept/Decline the request.
service provider app menu screen
User app menu screen
  • Rider will be notified when Driver has arrived to Pick up location.
  • Driver can change the status to "Arrived" once you have arrived to pick up location.
service provider app menu screen
Driver started trip
  • As soon as Ride starts, the Driver slides the button ‘Begin Trip’ to notify the Rider of the ride getting started.
  • The Rider gets notified with the message 'Your Trip Has Started' as soon as their Trip begins.
service provider app menu screen
User app menu screen
  • Rider will be notified when he/she has reached at Stop Over point 1.
  • Driver can see the route to Stop over point 1 over the Google Map.
  • Driver can mark as "Reached Stop Over Point 1" once he has reached first stop over point and will press wait button.
service provider app menu screen
User app menu screen
  • Rider will be notified when he/she has reached at second Stop Over point.
  • Driver can see the route to Stop over point 2 over the Google Map.
  • Driver can mark as "Reached Stop Over Point 2" once he has reached second stop over point. Same way he can finish the complete trip.
service provider app menu screen
User bank details
  • Driver can mark the Trip as completed once he has reached to destination address.


Select booking location recent location
    Book for Someone Else - Book A Ride for your family or friends!
  • Book a ride for someone who does not have the application and wants to do the trip.
  • This feature allows the User to select the contact details of someone else and request for the ride.
  • When the driver will accept the request the another user will be notified by SMS about their trip.
Choose the contact from the phone contact details, and do the request.
choose who's driving
who is this trip for
favorite location


carpooling feature rider book a trip
    Taxi Pooling - Share ride with other people and save money.
  • The Taxi Pooling feature will allow multiple people to book rides in the same Taxi.
  • The user can simple select the “Pool” option and book a “seat” instead of booking the whole Taxi.
send pooling request
  • The request also includes details such as how many passengers have booked the ride, what is the pickup location and what is the end destination.
  • There is a timer which flashes on when the request is sent out. The driver is supposed to accept the request within the flashed time; otherwise the request will be automatically declined.
  • The amount of time to be set on the timer too can be set by the Admin.
  • Once the details are put in, the app sends out a request to all the drivers in the vicinity.
driver accept or reject pooling request
trip begun
  • Once the driver reaches the pickup location of the passenger, they will have to update that on the application.
  • The User immediately gets a notification that reads, “Your Trip has Begun.
driver reaches at picup location
trip completed notification
  • When the driver begins the ride, he will get to see the “drop” location of the first person that he must drop. The map navigation will be available for the first drop location, then once that drop is made, the driver will be able to move on to the drop location of the next one.
  • The Rider will receive the notification that "Your Trip has been completed".
first drop location
invoice sent to rider
  • An invoice is generated at the end of the trip or the job with the exact details of the trip. This invoice is sent to both the Driver and the Rider. It is visible on the screens of both the Rider app as well as the Driver app.
invoice sent to driver

Back to Back Trip Requests - Driver Application

back to back trips
  • Using this feature, the Driver can get new ride requests while he is still on a trip. By accepting these back-to-back Trips, Drivers can spend more time earning money rather than waiting for next trip.
  • when a new Ride Request shows on the app, Driver can accept / reject the requests.

corporate rides

taxi app corporate profile corporate profile setup
Create your Business Profile.

This feature will allow the User to create their own Corporate profile.

In case the Rider is traveling for official purposes, he or she can use this profile to make a booking for the ride.

The user will get all expense reports, ride details, fare, bills and other expenses in the form of an email on their official ID.

If they are booking a personal ride, they can use their normal/personal profile in order to make the booking.

rider select organization request sent to organization

The rider will have to make their profile and select their organization.

When they do this, a request for verification is sent across to the Organization. Once the organization has verified the profile, the corporate profile is registered.

rider choose personal or business profile purpose of ride option

Your Users will now be able to make a booking for all their professional or work related travel using these profiles.

Rider can choose between the Business profile and personal profile while booking the Ride.

After choosing the Business Profile, Rider can choose the purpose of choosing Business Profile like Travel to Airport etc..

Conditions to start a Trip

condition for rider to start a trip
  • Rider 1st needs to set the pickup location.
  • Adding Destination location is optional. If the destination address is set, the estimated fares will be displayed else not.
  • All available vehicles in the X Km/Miles range will be displayed on the map.
  • Driver will need to become Online in order to make his vehicle available and to accept Rides.
  • If he has more than 1 vehicles/cars, he will need to select the one that he is driving today.
condition for driver to start a trip

Surcharge & Ride Later Feature

User bank details User bank details
  • Rider gets notified if any surcharge is going to be applied on his Ride. Surcharge can be perk time extra charge or night charges, etc. The Administrator sets the surcharges from Admin panel.
  • A rider can book a ride for a later time also. Let's say he wants to book a ride for Airport 2am midnight. In this case, he doesn't have to remember and book a ride at 1.45am. He can simply book a ride for a later time. And the system will Auto Post the ride request at 1.45am to all drivers in the range of pickup location.

Airport Rides/Surcharge

User bank details User bank details
  • The Airport Surcharge feature will enable you to add a surcharge amount to all the Rides coming from the airport or going to the airport.
  • The Admin can Geofence the area around the airport. When this is done, if a ride originates from within that area or if the drop location falls within that geo fenced area, the app will automatically add a surcharge value to the ride.

How to cancel a Trip

rider cancel trip
  • Rider & Driver can cancel the booked Trip (once the driver has accepted the ride request and before he picks-up the rider).
  • If a Rider cancels the ride X minutes after booking the ride, he will have to pay Y amount of cancellation charges. The cancellation fees will be deducted form his Credit Card.
  • Cancellation fees is optional and is set by Administrator.
driver cancel trip

X to Y Location

condition for rider to start a trip
  • This is a specification that allows the admin to keep a fixed flat rate for a trip from a fixed point A to a fixed point B. For e.g. the admin can choose to keep a flat fare of 'X' in between the airport and the railway station which will not vary owing to anything. These two points can also be two cities.

Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer

my wallet transfer wallet balance
  • Looking for a seamless way to make payments easy for your customers and assist the Driver to receive the money directly in their wallet. Then, the wallet-to-wallet money transfer feature will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for your customers and Driver.
  • Through the pre-integrated wallet present, your customers can smoothly make payment through their wallet and have it sent to the service provider’s wallet especially if they do not have the change for the services that they have booked.
enter verification code transaction done
  • All that they would need to do is select from the two options present in the wallet to whom they wish to send, the user or service provider and then choose their respective mobile number or email address and then they need to transfer the money from their wallet to the wallet of the service provider.
  • This feature will surely be a blessing in disguise for your customers and Driver who may be wary of sharing their card details.

Membership Subscription Plan

subscription plans select payment method
  • Admin can define the Membership plan for Drivers like 3 Months subscription and 1 Month subscription plan.
  • Drivers can subscribe for the Plans and can provide the Services.
my subscriptions pending subscriptions
  • The unique feature that will ensure that no Driver is able to provide their services until they have subscribed to the subscription plans present on the Membership Subscription Plan.
  • All that the Driver needs to do is enter their application and then tap on My Subscriptions.
manage sound

Manage Notification Sounds and Ringtones

Using this unique feature, you the owner of this expansive service provider app can manage the notification sounds and respective ringtones of the store, the service provider and the customers respectively.

The notification sounds may include the request sound for the driver and rider, notification sound for the provider including the message and notifications, notification sound for the user including the message and notification, for the store including the message and notification and finally, the VOIP based (voice over internet protocol) call.

All these sounds are already present in the solution itself. However, other sounds may be downloaded from the admin panel.

Restricting Driver’s Fraud

pickup passenger Slide to arrive
  • This feature will allow Driver to mark Ride status as “Arrived” unless he is in X Meters/Feet distance from the Rider’s Pickup Location.
  • Driver will see the message on the Screen as "The Trip cannot be started as you are still far from the Pickup Location requested by the Rider."

Live Tracking of Taxi Ride

send push notification send push notification
  • Users can now see ‘Live Activities’ on their iPhone’s Lock Screen. On unlocked iPhone devices, live activities are displayed as a Banner.
  • If the iPhone is unlocked, ride progress is displayed along with other details like the taxi number, model number, and profile picture of the driver.
send push notification send push notification
  • Taxi rides’ live progress is displayed on the iPhone’s Lock Screen along with the taxi number, model number, and profile picture of the driver.
  • Live updates of the taxi ride are displayed on the unlocked iPhone screen too.

Location Wise Push Notifications

notification screen
  • App Owner will be able to send Push Notification to all Users of selected Location.
  • User can see the Notifications sent by the Administrator.


verify mobile no account verification
  • Firebase Authentication provides backend Services to authenticate users by verifying their phone number. Using this technology, you can avoid verification of User's Phone Number that uses expensive 3rd party SMS.
  • User can enter his phone number and verify.
Support menu & About us
  • An OTP will be sent to user on his number for verification.

Favorite driver

My Profile favorite driver
  • The Rider can mark the driver as favorite from his App. Also, he can remove the Drivers from the favorite list anytime.
  • In the case when you do the Trip with any Driver and you want to do the Trip again with them, then mark the Driver as Favorite.
  • This feature allows the system to set the priority in sending the request to all favorite Drivers first whoever is marked as favorite by the Rider.
  • This way Rider gets the chance to book the Trip with any specific Driver.
User bank details
  • Once the Trip is completed the Rider will be prompted to rate the Trip and provide the feedback.
  • Apart from this, the Rider will get the option to mark the Driver as a favorite so that next time they got the chance to do the Trip again with them.

End of the day trip - Driver App

hail taxi
  • Driver can tap the Destination Mode Icon at the Driver App.
  • Enter your destination address. You can also set the destination as your home address or any location of your choice.
  • Tap on "Start trip to destination“
  • Your destination will appear as a pin on the map.
destination mode
  • In case when Drivers are going to a specific destination for any purpose then they can set the destination mode on and add the destination address.
  • Now, those Riders who are requesting for the ride, near around same destination address then drivers will get those ride request.
  • This feature helps the Driver to earn more when they are traveling to predefined route or destination everyday like going home.
  • Get this feature and increase the Trip request ratio and earn more.
Add the Destination Address enter destination later
Start the Destination mode start trip to destination
Confirm the route request provider manage work location
View Booking Summary choose Payment mode
  • The Driver will get the request on the specified route.
  • Rider will able to send the request going towards the same destination.
  • The Driver can accept multiple requests from source to destination when he is on for the destination mode.
  • Rider’s destination is allowed near to the Driver’s destination.
  • During this mode, Driver can do multiple trips on each attempt. Also, the cancellation of trips will not impact the attempts.
  • Drivers can go Online and Offline in the destination mode, and it will not affect the attempt count.
  • Tap the Cancel icon and disable the destination mode by confirming.
  • This will again make Drivers to get the request as the regular request for any destination.

Toll Calculation for USA (Using 3rd party Toll API)

toll calculation Rating
  • Our Uber Clone App Auto calculates the Toll that may come on the route. The Toll charges gets added to the invoice of the Trip.

Handicap Accessibility

handicap preference option
  • User can select the "Prefer a Vehicle with Handicap accessibility" if he is looking Taxi for handicap person.
  • If your Drivers have Taxi's with Handicap Accessibility, they tick the option as YES in their Taxi's Detail Screen. And thus they will be preferred for Rides requested by Handicap Riders
    (Optional - can be turned ON/OFF from Administrator Panel)
taxi with handicap accessibility

Gender Based Rides

gender based rides preference
  • Using this feature, you can make your Taxi Company Safer for Woman Travellers.
  • Woman Riders will be able to prefer Woman Drivers for their Rides. When this option is ON, Woman Riders can select if they prefer Woman Drivers. In this case, 1st all Woman Drivers will be preferred and if there is no woman Driver in vicinity, male drivers will be requested for the ride. This is an optional feature. Administrator can turn it ON/OFF from Admin Panel.

Child Seat Preference

airport surchage feature
  • This is a feature that can be used to provide a special facility for people traveling with a child.
  • In order to enable this feature, the driver has to mention in the application while setting up details about their vehicle, that they have“child seat” accessibility in the car.
  • If the User is traveling with a child, they will have to go to the “preferences” section of the application. When the User clicks on “Preference”, they will find 3 options. They must select “Prefer Taxi with Child Seat Accessibility”.
child seat accessibility feature


  • Waybill generation in Driver's App. Waybill is necessary when the ride is in process and maybe cops or authority person would stop the car and want to know about the ride. The driver can show the waybill which will list all detail of ride except financial detail.

Manage Vehicles

Manage Vehicle Add Vehicle
  • The Driver will be able to manage all their vehicles from this panel.
  • They can manage their vehicles for Rides or manage other services from here too.
  • They can add or remove the vehicles too from this panel.

Manage Documents

Select Document Upload Document
  • The Driver will be able to upload all the documents that are required, such as Driving license, Experience certificate, Taxi passing etc. from this panel on the app.


Add Card Card Detail
  • Riders & Drivers can manage their Credit Card information through this screen. The card detail is NOT stored in the APP or in the App's database. It's stored in the safe vault of the Payment Gateway Company. We just call the card using token and the secure transaction happens on the uber clone App.
  • Riders and Drivers can top up their wallet too.
  • Commission of Cash Rides gets deducted from Driver's Wallet.

Multiple credit card management

choose service categories
  • User will have facility to add / save multiple cards in the App.
  • They can make payment from any Card and can delete if needed.

Your Trips - User App

choose service categories choose service categories
  • Rider can view all his past rides (ride history) and also upcoming trips
  • Upon taping on the trip list, the detail and invoice of past trip can be viewed

Your Trips - Driver App

choose service categories choose service categories
  • Driver can view all his past rides (ride history) and also upcoming trips
  • Upon taping on date on calendar, Driver will be able to view summary of that day including Total earnings, Average Ratings, Completed Trips). And can then tap on any Trip to view it's detail and invoice.
  • Drivers get a view of their past trip with detail and also route on map.

Promo Code

Add money to wallet
  • App Owner will be able to create Promo code Specific to Target Location. Only Users belongs to that location can use that promo code.
  • Admin can add different offers promo code for the Application Users.
  • User can avail any discount offer by entering the Promo Code.


  • Driver can view their trips and earnings in graphical / statistical format

My Wallet

Add money to wallet My Recent Transaction
  • Driver's and Rider's can top up their wallet using their Credit Card.
  • All transactions made through wallet and their detail are displayed in the Wallet Section.

Edit Profile

Edit Profile Change Password
  • Rider & Driver can manage their profile details like Photo, Name, Email Address, Mobile number, Preferred Language, Preferred Currency and Places from their My Profile Page.
  • They can change their password from Change Password Screen.

Invite Friends

Invite Friend Share invitation link
  • Riders & Drivers can invite their friends to join the uber clone app. They simply click on Invite Friends and their Referral Code along with invitation message will be sent to their selected contacts through WhatsApp, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, etc. An easy way for them to earn and best way you to get more users.

Emergency / Panic Button

Emergency Contact Add emergency contact
  • Safety is a main concern in business. Our Panic/Emergency Button takes care of this. Driver & Rider can simply click on panic icon while on ride if they sense any threat or danger. Immediately a SMS will be sent to their Emergency Contacts with their real time location. And if they want, they can even contact their local Police on single click.
  • Upto 5 emergency contacts can be added to your list

Heat View

Heat View
  • Heat View Page will list current & last few hours demand of Taxi on the map. The areas with high demand of Taxi's will be highlighted on map.
  • The Driver can take advantage of this and go to areas that have high demand of Taxi.

Rider & Driver feedback

Rider & Driver feedback
  • Rider can provide feedback for Driver for each Ride. All feedback will be listed here.
  • Driver can provide feedback for Rider for each Ride. All feedback will be listed here.


Advertisement Banners
  • Showcase your offers and promotions on the Home screen of the App. When the users open the App, they can see your advertisement.
  • You can keep advertisement, promotional content and any kind of information that you want to highlight about the App right here.

Facebook & Google Ads integration

Facebook Ads
  • Using this feature, the site owner can put the Facebook advertisements in the apps and generate revenue from it.
Google Ads
  • Using this feature, the site owner can put the Google Ads in the apps and generate revenue from it.

Support Menu, Livechat & About Us

Support menu & About us
  • There will be information Pages on the taxi Apps.
  • The administrator will be able to Edit the Information Pages from back end.
Live chat

Contact Us & Help

Contact us
  • Riders and Drivers can contact App Administrator through the Contact Us Page.
  • They can also check the FAQ's for detail.