How Taxi Booking App Works?

Here is the step by step explanation of the app's flow: The rider first registers and logs in after which he or she can send ride booking request. This booking request is sent out to all the drivers in and around the area. Whichever driver accepts the request gets the job. When the driver accepts this request, rider gets a confirmation notification. The rider also gets to choose the payment method-card/cash/wallet. Driver picks up and drops at the designated locations. After the ride is over, payment is deducted automatically. Now the rider and the driver can rate each other.

This app is loaded with some of the best features this industry has to offer. The uber app clone itself is made to work flawlessly on any system. IT has a beautiful responsive design and an intuitive flow. Other top features include contact us, tipping, viewing invoices, Ride later, ride history, Edit Profile, inviting friends, wallets, etc. Our dedicated team of expert professionals has left no stone unturned in offering you nothing but the best solution!


Uber clone demo Video taxi on demand app

Step by Step Graphical Flow

loading screen
introduction screen
login and registration
account verification
application menu
book a trip
option to add destination later
start accepting rides
ride request
driver arriving
user and driver chat
voip based call masking
driver arrived
trip started
call emergency
eat while riding
rider trip resumed
trip completed
invoice summary
trip feature
car rentals feature
ride request feature
taxi hailing feature
multiple stop over points feature
add multiple stop feature
ride requesting feature
driver arrived pick up location
begin trip notification
reached stop over point
reached second stop over point
reached destination address
book for someone else feature
phone contact details
car pooling feature
pool request feature
driver reaches pickup location
trip completed notification
payment summary
corporate rides
profile setup
business profile
conditions to start trip
surcharge and ride later feature
airport rides surcharge
payment summary
cancel trip
x to y location
wallet to wallet money transfer
transfer monet wallet
membership subscription plan
my subscription
manage notification sounds
face mask verification
ride cancellation
safety checklist
safety reviews and ratings
restricted passengers limit
favorite driver
trip tating
end of the day trip
destination mode feature
destination address
driver request feature
toll calculation for usa
handicap accessibility
gender based rides
child seat preference
waybill feature
manage vehicles feature
manage document feature
payment details
trip details
ride history details
promo code feature
my wallet details
edit profile feature
invite friends feature
emergency panic button feature
heat view
rider and driver feedback
advertisement banner
live chat and about us
contact us and help